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Academic Resources

Gensler’s collection of academic resources aim to enhance principles learned in the classroom by providing industry insights into the complexities of real-world projects. These resources draw from expertise in 31 practice areas, delivering projects at every scale from a new urban district to a wine label. In this spirit, we are obsessively curious, driven to learn, grow and explore new ideas.

Professional Practice Case Study Series

The Gensler Professional Practice Case Study Series is a suite of case studies based on real-world projects developed by Gensler design and delivery experts. Released as a continuous series, each case study dovetails with topics covered in the AIA Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice. Used as an educational tool, the series is designed to augment professional practice curriculum.

The Case Study Series is developed to prepare the next generation of designers to enter the profession by presenting contemporary challenges faced on complex projects delivered by a global design firm. The case studies activate learning through a series of project scenarios. Each scenario gives readers the opportunity to apply classroom principles and critical thinking skills by considering resolutions to project challenges presented.

The Gensler Case Study Series augments conceptual lecture topics by providing comprehendible opportunities for students to consider and test responses to situations as they exist in a professional environment.
—Jennifer Pelc-Chandela
   Professor of Professional Practice
   Tulane School of Architecture
Case Studies

Star Spangled Health Volume 1, Number 1
Format: Interactive PDF

Star Spangled Health is a Gensler design-build case study profiling the fast-tracked completion of a large-scale healthcare facility ($50 million, 300,000 square feet). Working in collaboration with contractors, consultants and a complex client team, the project was completed on-time and on-budget, while simultaneously working through a series of project challenges.

Topics Covered

  • Design-Build Project Delivery
  • Contracts/Risk Management
  • Base Building Architecture
  • Design Firm Management