To support our clients' market and service needs, Gensler is organized into practices, each charged with sharing innovation and expertise through an integrated cross-office, cross-practice exchange. This dynamic network ensures that new insights inform the firm's collective knowledge, creating value for all our clients, industry leaders and start-ups alike.

Our ability to create environments that enhance organizational performance and achieve measurable business goals is one reason Gensler is a multiple winner of the Business Week/Architectural Record Awards, the U.S. benchmark for business design innovation.


Aviation & Transportation

Gensler’s airports and transit stations are high-performance structures designed to enhance the experience of those who use them, run them and fund them. Delivering convenience and delight, they are models of efficient, flexible operation in a fast-paced world. We design terminals and stations of every type, serving global hubs, regional and executive airports, logistics and multimodal transportation centers.

For helping humanize modern travel, Gensler-designed airports have garnered numerous honors including: Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Award for SFO T2, J.D. Power and Associates’ top airport for consumer satisfaction in Detroit Metro, and Frommer’s best U.S. airport terminal in JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK.

Learn more about our aviation design perspectives at our blog: GenslerOn »

Pat Askew: +1 202.263.5447
Bill Hooper: +1 202.721.5339
Keith Thompson: +1 213.327.3760

Civic & Government

From courthouses, office buildings, and work settings to the social and cultural facilities that help communities thrive, Gensler knows how to deliver civic and government buildings that are optimally cost-effective to construct and operate.

Our portfolio includes more than 30 million square feet of planning for government agencies at every level and community organizations of every type. Through FAS Schedule 874, CWSS and other Federal multiple award contracts, we have partnered with more than 24 federal agencies strategizing, designing, programming, planning, and developing space standards and future requirements for a full-spectrum of facilities. For specific information about contract terms and scope of services included in Gensler's Multiple Award Schedule and GSA Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) for CM Services, see the following:

GSA Nationwide IDIQ Contract for Construction Management (CM) Services (PDF) »

GSA Schedule Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS) (PDF) »

Jeff Barber: +1 202.721.5283
Tom Shen: +1 202.721.5266

Commercial Office Buildings

Creating tomorrow’s class-A office space is about designing buildings with a simple goal: rewarding the investment of the tenants that lease them and the owners who maintain them.

Leveraging industry-leading research in workplace performance and sustainable office building design, Gensler creates the speculative office buildings that attract the best first- and second-generation tenants, maximize rental rates and speed lease-up. No other firm can match our tenant insights. We know what’s required of class-A office buildings, because we set the standard for tenant location and workplace strategies.

John Adams: +1 213.327.3732
Hasan Syed: +86 (21) 6135.0814
Peter Weingarten: +1 415.836.4550

Education & Culture

Gensler views education and culture design as an opportunity to spark imagination, support institutional identity, and foster community development. We inspire our clients and the users of their facilities through design that engages and enhances its context in unexpected ways.

From innovative primary schools in redeveloping inner cities to ground-up college campuses and major museums, Gensler's portfolio spans a full spectrum of not-for-profit, cultural, and educational institutions.

Learn more about our education design perspectives at our blog: GenslerOn »

David Broz: +1 312.577.7124
Maddy Burke-Vigeland: +1 212.492.8699

Kimberly Hickson: +1 713.844.0013


The entertainment industry covers a huge waterfront. Entertainment is a vital part of urban development, showcasing creative content and the studios where much of that content is created. Tastes and technology change, so both need to be easily updated.

Gensler does all of it—performance venues of every type, urban entertainment centers and the entertainment components of mixed-use. We also plan and design theme parks, cultural attractions, film and animation studios, and TV and radio broadcasting facilities.

Marty Borko: +1 213.327.3770
Bea de Paz: +1 202.721.5317
Peter Merwin: +1 713.844.0058
Duncan Paterson: +1 213.327.3680

Financial Services

The market-driven, global and acquisitive nature of the financial sector puts a high premium on the ability to turn on a dime while fully supporting the ebb and flow of business. Every project has to add up in terms of its strategy, flexibility, amenity and performance.

Gensler provides comprehensive strategic planning and design services to the global financial, insurance and real estate industries. We have the historical perspective to know that while the markets move in cycles, demand for high-performing space remains constant. Our breadth, depth and global reach ensure we deliver solutions that provide our clients enduring value.

Cathy Bregenzer: +1 415.836.4109
Rocco Giannetti: +1 212.492.1539
Krista Lindsay: +44 (0)20 7073 9943


Gensler approaches headquarters design as an opportunity to achieve our clients' business goals. We begin by examining the business drivers that each client faces, from reinforcing corporate culture to reducing real estate holdings while achieving increased workplace efficiencies. Then, we design spaces in support of these objectives, creating tangible reflections of each client's values and evolving organizational brand.

As the global leader in workplace design, we've invested in research that proves the connection between effective headquarters design and employee performance. We've put our knowledge to work for the full spectrum of headquarters clients, from local non-profit institutions to global industrial leaders.

Janet Pogue: +1 202.721.5259
Olivier Sommerhalder: +1 213.327.3615

Health & Wellness

Inspiring health and wellness through the power of informed and purposeful, human-centered design

At a time when many organizations are in flux, we see health care delivery shifting to a personalized model that aims for wellness at every stage of the human life cycle. When wellness becomes the measure of health, people favor a personal, ongoing relationship with care and prevention, and providers with the facilities to match.

We work with a broad spectrum of health and wellness clients and organizations to create environments that can evolve to meet the industry’s unprecedented transformation. Leveraging the expertise of 45+ years in workplace, hospitality, education, retail and urban planning, we design spaces that convey a sense of place and civic presence, while achieving the business and operational goals of our clients.

Sarah Bader: +1 (312) 577-6501
Barbara Bouza: +1 (213) 327-3660
Nila Leiserowitz: +1 (312) 577-6522


The hospitality industry is highly tuned to its clientele, with an ever-broader array of leisure products to entice them—not just hotels and resorts, but also hotel branded residences, often in a mixed-use context that reduces risk and makes financing easier.

Partnering with leading brands and developers, Gensler designs hospitality projects at every scale and price point, from urban hotels and mixed-use towers to hotel-branded residences and resorts. Our work includes repositioning as well as new developments.

Learn more about our hospitality design perspectives at our blog: GenslerOn »

Tom Ito, LEED® AP: +1 213.327.3730
Nancy Nodler: +1 713.356.1339
Jose Sirera: +44 (0)20 7073 9641

Mission Critical

Across the economy, organizations are highly dependent on technology infrastructure to keep their operations running securely on a 24/7 basis. Mission-critical facilities answer this need. The best offer reliability and security in flexible, energy-efficient facilities.

Gensler is a leading mission critical specialist, with experience in every type of facility, from technology-laden trading environments to standalone centers. We understand how to integrate these facilities into larger settings—whether it's an office or a community.

Jan Gross: +1 212.492.8660
Greg LaCour: +1 713.844.0128
Bernie Woytek: +1 312.577.6538

Mixed Use

Successful mixed-use creates unique, memorable and contextually relevant new places that their cities embrace. That demands the ability to integrate every building and activity in an urbane and compelling way, so the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Gensler has deep knowledge of individual mixed-use components and the global experience of combining them to create the kind of market power that owners and tenants require. We help our clients create places that attract people and enliven cities with engaging amenities and urbanity.

Marty Borko: +1 213.327.3770
Bea de Paz: +1 202.721.5317
Peter Merwin: +1 713.844.0058
Duncan Paterson: +1 213.327.3680

Professional Services

A mobile workforce is a fact of life for professional service firms, so their workplace has to accommodate fluid teamwork and client interaction, while also enabling them to build culture, mentor talent, and create and share knowledge. Their future literally depends on both.

Gensler works with professional services firms of every type—accounting, consulting, law and others. We work with local, regional, national and global firms, giving all of them the benefit of our economy-spanning workplace and office real estate experience.

Steve Martin: +1 202.721.5336
Brittany Whitley: +1 212.492.1590
Doug Zucker: +1 415.836.4242


Lifestyle choices and aspirations drive the retail sector, whether it's a store, a lifestyle center or an urban retail district. The language of retailing is experiential, speaking to people's desire for self-expression, for community, for authenticity, for connection.

Gensler plans, designs and implements the full range of retail-from store design and rollout to retail architecture. We also provide brand development and merchandising design—everything from the customer experience to the logos, labels and packaging.

Learn more about our retail design perspectives at our blog: GenslerOn »

Barry Bourbon: +1 415.836.4106
Kathleen Jordan: +1 212.492.1630
Irwin Miller: +1 213.327.3720

Retail Centers

Successful retail environments strengthen the connections between people, creating community with a shared sense of place. Approached thoughtfully, retail centers resonate with customer aspirations when they merge brand, programming, design and architecture to produce singular shopping experiences.

At Gensler, we're as skilled at creating retail stores, as we are at designing the centers that house them. Our knowledge of retail architecture from the inside out sets us apart and fuels our passion for placemaking, whether it’s the remaking of a mall or envisioning a new destination shopping district.

Maureen Boyer: +1 415.836.4108
David Glover: +1 213.327.3904
Ken Sizemore: +86 (21) 6135.1933

Science & Technology

As the practice of Science + Technology shifts focus from bench top to the lap top, biotech’s, pharmaceutical and science-based clients require built environments sufficiently flexible to transition from laboratory spaces to workplace and back again, so as to keep pace with ever-evolving research and development needs.

Spurred by client innovation, our laboratories of the future are the product of experienced laboratory planners, programmers and designers. They fuse lab design expertise in diagnostic, research and high-containment facilities with Gensler’s unparalleled knowledge of workplace environments to serve science-based corporations, institutions and government agencies globally.

Barbara Bouza: +1 213.327.3660
Scott Williams: +1 213.327.3975


Sports & Recreation

Sports facilities can be catalysts for urban and campus revitalization. Creating memorable sporting experiences that generate revenue and foster broad community support requires an interdisciplinary practice with global expertise in mixed-use place making and branded destinations.

Gensler draws on 30-plus years of pioneering experience in the design and planning of innovative professional, collegiate and international venues and sports-anchored entertainment districts. In addition to professional franchises, universities and international federations, our team counts the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS and Olympic community as long-time clients.

Ron Turner: Portfolio +1 213.327.3780
Jonathan Emmett: Portfolio +1 213.327.3685
Keith Fuchigami: Portfolio +1 213.327.3708


Gensler's U.S. and U.K. workplace surveys show that high-performance work settings support people's ability to work more creatively and productively. Not surprisingly, they also show that the organizations that provide them are consistently the best performers.

As the world's leading workplace designers and strategists, Gensler has revolutionized the way that organizations support today's mobile, tech-savvy workforce and still achieve the real estate and operating cost leverage that global mobility and connectivity provide.

Learn more about our workplace design perspectives at our blog: GenslerOn »

Lisa Bottom: +1 415.836.4495
Janet Pogue: +1 202.721.5259
Jim Williamson: +1 202.721.5244



Successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They’re visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient, a pleasure to be in. And they pay their way, adding real value for their owners and users.

Gensler architecture reflects our knowledge of how people and organizations use and experience place and space. We work collaboratively with clients, communities and end users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. We deliver them across our global markets with a consistently high standard of service.

Mariela Buendia-Corrochano: +1 202.721.5388
Christopher P. Johnson: +44 (0)20 7073 9673
Steve Weindel: +1 415.836.4234

Brand Design

Gensler’s brand designers use words and images to orchestrate compelling experiences that lead to marketplace differentiation and brand preference. Our approach combines design and architecture expertise with a unique point of view and strong communications skill set. The result: brands that build trust, inspire confidence and forge lasting relationships.

John Bricker: +1 212.492.8667
Dian Duvall: +1 415.836.4125
Beth Novitsky: +1 212.492.1648

Brand Strategy

Creating great brands is about unlocking the potential of a place, organization or company to tell a powerful story—one built from its intrinsic characteristics and targeted to a market need. Great brands build on a framework of strategic insight. With this framework in place, we develop names, identities and brand platforms that connect with people, so they listen, buy and believe.

Brand Strategy Services:
Brand Platform, Brand Architecture, Naming, Brand Training & Roll-Out

John Bricker: +1 212.492.8667
Dian Duvall: +1 415.836.4125
Deanna Francl: +1 202.263.5406


As consultants, we help our clients make better decisions about how they support their people, position their businesses and manage their assets. We connect strategy with implementation and deliver successful, idea-driven solutions that are both realistic and actionable. Whatever the size of the organization, we provide the tools needed to enable future change.

Our consultants address real estate and facilities, the workplace, information solutions and business strategy—with the objective of improving organizational performance. Our services include strategic planning, real estate and portfolio analysis, repositioning/relocation analysis, change management and data management.

Andrew Garnar-Wortzel: +1 212.492.1438
Philip Tidd: +44 (0)20 7073 9676
Gervais Tompkin: +1 415.836.4224

Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) orients people to the built environment and shapes their idea of place. Utilizing sculptural features, branded elements and theming, we create environments that consider the human need for information, identity and wayfinding.  By making information meaningful and accessible in space, we can foster a sense of well-being, confidence and delight.

Environmental Graphic Design Services:
Audit & Analysis, Environmental Features, Signage and Wayfinding, Design Guidelines

John Bricker: +1 212.492.8667
Dian Duvall: +1 415.836.4125
Deanna Francl: +1 202.263.5406

Global Relationships

Global relationships mean going wherever our clients’ business takes them. We’ve been doing this for more than 45 years, constantly refining how we manage and organize our services, and how we share the knowledge gained from working across time zones and borders. We believe strongly that every client benefits from our ability to deliver on a global basis.

The most important thing to know is you’ll have one point of contact. Behind that person is a collaborative and connected team, tailored to your firm’s specific and evolving needs, and delivery methods that make full use of technology’s globe-spanning leverage. That gives you access to our 4,000+ professionals and a worldwide network of specialists.

Bryan Bell: +1 212.492.1562
Sonya Dufner: +1 212.492.2731
Mandy Graham: +86 (21) 6135.1937
Tom Owens: +1 415.836.4184
Joan Price: +1 415.836.4330
Cindy Simpson: +1 214.273.1584
Christian Wolff: +506 2505.3709

Graphic Design

When skillfully composed, words and images have enormous power to convey meaning and purpose. Graphic design is how we bring ideas to life using words, iconography and pictures. Whether expressed in a two-dimensional application or a virtual environment, well-executed graphic design brings stories to life through a wide range of media, all carefully choreographed for powerful effect.

Graphic Design Services:
Identity Design, Visual Systems & Guidelines, Print Communications, Web + Digital Communications, User Interface Design, Packaging

John Bricker: +1 212.492.8667
Dian Duvall: +1 415.836.4125
Deanna Francl: +1 202.263.5406

Interior Design

Gensler designs interior spaces for living and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage or sales. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable performance. Our projects are international in scope and range from offices to stores, academic and civic buildings, convention centers, and entertainment and cultural venues.

Mariela Buendia-Corrochano: +1 202.721.5388
Christopher P. Johnson: +44 (0)20 7073 9673
Steve Weindel: +1 415.836.4234

Landscape Architecture

Creating places as memorable as they are financially and environmentally sustainable is the hallmark of Gensler’s landscape architecture discipline. Blending art with science, our practice encompasses a spectrum of landscape design expertise from analysis and planning to management, conservation and protection. We integrate landscape design with the delivery of many of our clients’ premier projects for its transformative impact on their work.  

Landscape Architecture Services:
Feasibility Study, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Working Drawings and Specifications, Tender Packages, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration

Michael Bello: +1 212.492.1567
Jim Jacobs: +1 415.836.4510

Peter Sheard: +44 (0)20 7073 9925

Master Planning

Our team combines the skills of planners, urban designers, landscape architects and placemaking specialists to offer a full complement of services addressing the built environment’s planning and design. Working in close collaboration with clients, we seek out sustainable, innovative solutions that respond to the specific conditions of a site, city or region, and the aspirations of the communities who use them.

Master Planning Services:
Visioning, Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies and Site Assessment, Destination Branding and Marketing, Urban Regeneration and Site Development Work, Urban Design Frameworks, Design Guidelines, Planning Regulations, Planning Applications/Entitlements, Peer Reviews, Sustainability Framework, Consultation and Community Engagement


Carlos Cubillos: +1 202.721.5362

Peter Sheard: +44 (0)20 7073 9925
Steven Townsend: +852 3976 8007

Planning & Urban Design

Since real life is never linear, a strong vision and a flexible approach give master plans the resilience they need to guide development over time. Whether they’re for a city or community or an individual developer or property owner, successful master plans are robust enough to overcome the push and pull of the unforeseen, while creating added value at every stage of implementation.

Gensler’s planners work globally on a broad range of projects, from new urban districts and developments to suburban and exurban campuses, centers and communities. Sustainability is an important focus—with equal concern for the socio-economic health of the community and for its environmental quality. As urban designers, we know how to bring forward the experiential attributes that make a place memorable and attractive.

Carlos Cubillos: +1 202.721.5362
Peter Sheard: +44 (0)20 7073 9925
Steven Townsend: +852 3976 8007

Product Design

Great products begin with insights about market opportunities and user needs. As a firm that's constantly creating and reshaping the built environment, we have a unique viewpoint about the products and materials that form the world around us. We see the marketplace openings that spur new concepts, as well as the requirements and restraints these products have to address.

Gensler partners with manufacturers to develop successful new products. As designers, we draw on our knowledge of new materials, technologies and processes to enhance margins, performance, sustainability and market appeal. As strategists, we work in concert with manufacturer design teams, helping them understand product and use requirements from an end-user perspective.

David Fuehrer: +1 212.468.4433
Ehren Gaag: +1 410.230.3036
George Miller-Ramos: +44 (0)20 7073 9953


We see sustainable design as a triple win: good for business, people and the planet. Since 1970, when we designed an energy-efficient “office of the future” for Pacific Gas & Electric, our design practice has considered how decisions made today affect our lives tomorrow. Today, Gensler is a global sustainability leader. Our credits include the first U.S. office building to use under-floor air distribution, and later the first retail rollout prototype, data center and car dealership to earn LEED® certifications. Recognizing these pioneering achievements, the U.S. Green Building Council presented us its Leadership Award for Organizational Excellence in 2005.

We approach every building and interior project assignment as an opportunity to enhance building, organizational, human and environmental performance — the core goals of sustainable design. As sustainability consultants, we provide clients with an integrated set of services, including sustainable strategy, planning and design; LEED consulting; real estate portfolio analysis; and sustainability guidelines.

Anthony Brower: +1 213.327.3916
Katie Mesia: +1 202.263.5430
Leonard Sciarra: +1 312.577.6580

User Research

Uncovering the emotional and behavioral needs of the people who experience space is critical. Through focus groups, interviews and observation, we establish the design criteria that inspire and guide our design of spaces, services, products and communications. The value of user-centered research is that it helps ensure that environments engage audiences meaningfully at every point in the brand journey.

User Research Services:
Visioning Market Research, Ethnographic Research, Touchpoint Analysis, Experience Programming, Concept Design & Prototyping

John Bricker: +1 212.492.8667
Dian Duvall: +1 415.836.4125
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About Us
As architects, designers, planners and consultants, we partner with our clients on some 3,000 projects every year. These projects can be as small as a wine label or as large as a new urban district. With 2,000+ professionals networked across more than 30 locations, we serve our clients as trusted advisors, combining localized expertise with global perspective wherever new opportunities arise. Our work reflects an enduring commitment to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage.


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