Graphic Design

One Thousand Steps:
Brand Design

Multiple Locations

One Thousand Steps was PacSun's mall-based specialty shoe and high-end accessories store targeted to brand-conscious 20-25-year-old customers. Innovative wall storage units warehoused the majority of stock, allowing for greater on-floor category merchandising and display opportunities. Besides providing immediate product access for sale associates, these movable cabinets also contained illuminated niches to showcase multiple product categories. The center "orb," a molded fiberglass room, functioned as an integrated cashwrap and housed accessories such as bags, belts, wallets and watches.

The 365: AIGA Annual Design Exhibition

New York, New York

To celebrate the graphic arts industry's best work in 2005, Gensler collaborated with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) to conceive a display system as ingenious as the pieces on exhibit. Highlighted by a simple, iconic lightbulb, each piece is accompanied by a statement from the designer. As visitors view each piece, a light bulb wired to a motion sensor illuminates a translucent credit panel serving as a backdrop for the entry. As visitors trigger each sensor, text containing the designer's "big idea" is highlighted. The exhibit design is organized to showcase both the individual and collective excellence of the featured work.

Carneros Inn

Napa, California

The Carneros Inn is a 27-acre luxury resort in the Carneros region of Napa Valley, featuring 96 guest cottages, two restaurants, a spa and fitness center, swimming pool, organic gardens and 24 resort residences. Gensler worked with the Carneros Inn team to develop their brand positioning, hospitality identity, business system, print materials, Web site, and residential wayfinding and signage system. All parts of the program were created with the intent of visually communicating the rich heritage of this famous agricultural and wine-growing region.

CityCenter Sales Pavilion and Marketing Material

Las Vegas, Nevada

CityCenter enables people to experience Las Vegas as true insiders in one of the world’s most remarkable settings. As Executive Architect, Gensler provided information critical to the development of a successful residential sales experience. In partnership with the MGM MIRAGE® Residential Sales team, Gensler has set a new benchmark for the world’s greatest luxury sales experiences. A multi-disciplinary Gensler team of brand strategists and interior, graphic and environmental designers collaborated to craft every facet of the customer experience, from designing the actual space and concepting videos to developing the content and design for all of the printed sales collateral.

Fidelity Investments

Multiple Locations

Gensler partnered with Fidelity Investments in the prototype design and national rollout of its more than 100 Investor Centers. To provide an enhanced customer experience and embody Fidelity's brand in a three-dimensional space, Gensler developed a comprehensive design solution that integrates architecture, technology, graphics and fixturing in a branded retail environment. Gensler also developed extensive guidelines for printed collateral that are consistent with the look and feel of the branch environment.

Interface Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia

For five years, Gensler has worked closely with Interface, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet, to design the company’s annual report. For each edition, Gensler identified the current “big story” and then developed a strategy to communicate that story. In the 2003 report, Gensler uncovered and highlighted compelling stories within the organization. The 2005 report positions Interface’s products as industry-leading and fashion-forward. For 2007, the report served as the company’s introduction of its new rebranding and commitment to environmental responsibility. Gensler coordinated and directed photography, both on location and in staged environments, to showcase Interface’s products and market segments.

Sky Gardens

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Gensler was commissioned to brand, name and design all the communication materials for a new residential tower based in Dubai. The marketing initiative for the scheme was to offer a "contemporary living" style in Dubai. Working with the proposition "Living reinvented," Gensler designed an overall concept to convey the exclusive nature of the development. The name and logotype echoed the proposed architecture by using a custom typeface that is modern in its execution. The chosen color palette reflects the natural aspects of the scheme and can be used as a signature color throughout. Other promotional materials included stationery, brochures, advertising media and Web site design.

Tandus US Inc.

Dalton, Georgia

Gensler created a series of printed pieces that illustrate Tandus' history of environmental stewardship and innovation in unique and highly visual ways. Key messages were developed into two brochures, an ad campaign, eye-catching shopping bag and graphics in the company's Chicago showroom. The materials have successfully communicated the brand message clearly and modestly, while also establishing an emotional connection with the Tandus sales teams, giving them a feeling of empowerment and confidence in their product.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Crystal City, Virginia

When PBS moved its headquarters from Alexandria to Crystal City, it opted for a highly visible and exciting workplace to embody its public commitment. A two-story mobile spanning the staircase recognizes member stations. This art installation has become a conversation piece for all visitors. The headquarters encourages collaboration, facilitates recruitment of creative staff, and provides a flexible framework for organizational change. An open-office plan introduces natural light, outside views, and dialogue among employees. The space is unified by the graphic use of the PBS brand in print, video and backlit images that are easily interchanged and updated.

Columbia College Chicago:
Urban Campus Modernization

Chicago, Illinois

Columbia College’s campus is a unique blend of 23 industrial and mercantile buildings threaded together by surrounding city streets. All of Gensler’s more than 125 projects here have addressed the college’s goals to strengthen its physical connections with Chicago’s downtown and to create a greater sense of identity. Projects have involved strategic renovations of classrooms, workspaces and common areas using basic materials and effective details — such as assigning each building its own bold color to improve identity and wayfinding, recasting building corridors as gallery-like settings displaying student work, and adding playful lighting and furnishings to encourage gathering and interaction.

St. John’s University, D’Angelo Center

Queens, New York

Built on a previously underused part of the campus, the new, 127,000-square-foot D’Angelo Center provides a much-needed gathering place for students, expands academic facilities and serves as beacon for the campus and surrounding community. The center’s massing and use of fieldstone, brick and glass cladding relate it architecturally to other important buildings on the campus. A 144-foot tower features a golden torch inspired by the Statue of Liberty. The double-height student lounge serves as the campus’ living room, with high arched windows creating an upbeat, sunlit space. The building also accommodates classrooms, student services, offices, a cafeteria and a recreation center.

Motorola M-Lab

Sunrise, Florida

Gensler teamed with Motorola to develop Motorola M-Lab, an "edu-tainment" venue that exposes kids to science, technology and innovation at career-focused theme park Wannado City in Florida. Gensler created an experience where tweens aged 8-12 play as "M-ventors" in Motorola's Innovation Lab, solving a unique problem using an interactive video game and working in teams. The result is an experience providing fun, learning and a new and positive connection to the Motorola brand.

The Beverly Hilton

Beverly Hills, California

Partnering with Hirsh Bedner, Gensler revitalized this 1955 flagship hotel, the iconic home of the Golden Globe Awards, to help a new owner attract luxury business travelers and local glitterati. Gensler's brand strategy enabled the hotel owner to define its client profiles and identify features suiting their stylish tastes. Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, the renovation brought rich materials and finishes to 570 guest rooms and major public spaces. Additionally, Gensler's brand design team's revived and refreshed the original '50s identity through the property's exterior and interior signage.

Financial Services (Full-Service Insurance) Company

Rochelle, Illinois

Data center requirements often consign design to a box — typically a windowless one. Rather than conform to conventional constraints, Gensler used them to spark design innovation, enabling the client to set the standard for environmentally sustainable data centers. Daylighting, sun shades and operable windows contribute to a high-quality, energy-efficient workplace, where computer and power system heat is recovered to condition office spaces. Outside, berms and bioswales provide an unobtrusive alternative to crash-rated security railings. The combined site, energy, water and workplace strategies earned the facility LEED® Gold certification.

— Executive Alliance Project of the Year National Awards: Green IT Project of the Year 2008

Wilson Sporting Goods

Chicago, Illinois

After extensive analysis of Wilson's existing workplace, Gensler designed a new work environment that promotes spontaneous collaboration, communication and efficiency. With products creatively showcased throughout the office, a solid sense of branding is evident in the office. Graphics and product signage are used consistently in common areas and workspaces, reinforcing the company's unique identity.

Morris Crossroads

Mount Olive, New Jersey

Set in Morris County, New Jersey, this 1,000,000-square-foot corporate campus offers state-of-the-art technology and a superior quality of business life. To attract potential renters to the Morris Crossroads campus, Gensler helped develop a brand and marketing strategy, along with marketing materials and an online presentation. The campaign plays up the positive aspect of the campus’ suburban location as a tranquil place to “get away from it all” in a modern, amenity-rich environment, well-situated between major urban centers.

Buch Construction

Washington, D.C.

Buch Construction, a family-owned, quality construction provider sought to communicate a consistent brand position that reflects its values. In developing new branding that allows the company to differentiate itself, Gensler helped Buch to define three core company characteristics: people-focused, performance and integrity. The new visual identity reflects these values, aligning the company’s marketing materials, Web site and other visual communications with the firm’s values, spirit and attitude.

Dickstein Shapiro:
Brand Design

Washington, D.C.

In parallel with the design of Dickstein Shapiro’s Washington, D.C. law offices, Gensler undertook a branding effort to develop and convey a new identity as well as update their overall communication efforts. The new positioning is demonstrated in collateral/marketing materials, advertising campaigns and the new office space. Dickstein Shapiro’s innovative approach led Gensler to develop a new tagline — “Experience Innovation” — that serves as the centerpiece of the branding.


Chicago, Illinois

Gensler and Pantone have partnered on a number of projects, including showroom designs for NeoCon 2002, 2003 and 2004 that showcased the Pantone for Architecture and Interiors range of products. In redesigning the literature for that product line, as well as for Pantone for Fashion and Home products, Gensler looked toward encouraging the contract industry to adopt the system, already well-known in the graphic design industry. Print materials included fact-heavy data and pricing sheets as well as image-heavy “concept brochures” that function as an inspirational editorial presentation of products and colors.

The World Bank

Washington, D.C.

Working from editorial letters, key regional data, and myriad compelling photos and stories, Gensler responds to The World Bank’s desire for an annual report that resonates with the organization’s stakeholders. Assimilating an immense amount of information into a limited space, the resulting annual report is an engaging, streamlined and easy-to-follow publication that reaches The World Bank’s many audiences — including senior government officials, parliamentarians, nongovernmental organizations and journalists. The design was so well-received that it has been retained and refreshed every year subsequent to its 2005 debut.

Brand Design

Safat, Kuwait

A phonetic translation of an old Kuwaiti word for children’s role playing, Baroue’s core identity expands on this idea with the “O” of Baroue becoming a series character faces. Additional role-playing characters employed in printed applications create a whimsical, kid-friendly brand system that extends to private-label merchandise. Translating parent company MS Retail KSC’s vision to design strategy, Gensler developed the Baroue brand to comprise Baby Baroue, Baroue Kids, Baroue Toys, Baroue Maternity and Club for teenagers. The core brand identity program links individual brand offerings, while subtly differentiating the different stages of a child’s development.


Cairo, Egypt

This global financial firm relocated to a Western-style office park outside the central city to a Gensler-designed, four-story classic modern office building that introduces a vernacular architecture in modern form. Adhering to a strict planning module that provides flexibility for the firm’s constantly changing needs, the building incorporates open workspaces and offices for 920 in two distinct blocks linked by a spacious atrium. The design is enhanced by ample natural lighting and luxurious and environmentally conscious materials not previously specified in Egypt; the building will be registering for LEED® Gold certification, becoming the country’s first green building.

Sherman Oaks Galleria

Los Angeles, California

As the set for 1980s films such as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” the Sherman Oaks Galleria is a true pop culture icon, but as a retail destination, the mall had languished. Gensler’s challenge was to demolish and rebuild 90 percent of the outdated mall while retaining the aesthetic character of the classic American shopping center. The revitalized Galleria now houses upscale retail boutiques, a movie theater, a multitude of fine dining restaurants, a fitness club and one million square feet of office space. Open-air promenades, dynamic water features and public gathering spaces add to the vibrancy of the complex.

Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas, Nevada

In repositioning the Aladdin Hotel and Desert Passage-themed retail environment, Planet Hollywood aimed to “de-theme” and create an engaging, contemporary shopping destination. In the redesign, Gensler set a tone that is active and energetic, expressed by a vibrant and colorful graphics program that features coordinating wallpapers and surface treatments, furniture, fabrics and floorings. The vivid play between color, scale and geometry makes a bold statement, punctuating the spaces above and between storefronts. Encompassing public areas, signage, wayfinding and retail tenant guidelines, the repositioning spanned the center’s 1.5 miles of retail space and has since yielded increased rents, occupancy, visitors and sales.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California

Gensler is working to reconstruct and rehabilitate the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a National Historic Landmark. The project is being planned and strategically coordinated to take place over a three- to four-year period so not to disrupt USC’s football program. Improvements include complete concrete repair and rehabilitation of the bowl; restoration of the classic Olympic peristyle; 92,000 new armchair seats; new press box/suites; new concessions and restrooms; new video, scoreboards and sound system; and other ancillary facilities. Gensler is also developing new branded graphics throughout the complex.

University of the Pacific

Stockton, California

This two-story, 55,000-square-foot building fulfills the university's vision to create a focus for student life on campus. Housing a 700-seat event space, student and executive dining, a student pub, bookstore and offices, this new facility responds architecturally to the campus’ historical context with brick façades complemented by glass entries, clerestory windows and skylights to maximize natural daylight in the interiors. The LEED® Silver-certified building introduces a contemporary space to the campus while complementing its existing character.

Erikson Institute

Chicago, Illinois

This premier child development graduate school occupies the first four floors of a renovated Chicago building that serves as a 75,000-square-foot vertical campus. As a catalyst for discovery and change, the Institute’s new home reflects its cutting-edge programs, research and community service. Classrooms, student services, research facilities and faculty offices are intermingled with numerous spaces that encourage casual interaction and collaboration. The school’s showpiece, a 30,000-volume research library on the second floor, is fully visible from the street.

WPP Denver

Denver, Colorado

Home to some of the most acclaimed ad agencies, WPP aims to consolidate operational overhead while cultivating a workplace environment where “creatives” enjoy the freedom to create. The Denver office co-locates four allied firms — J. Walter Thompson, Group M, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, and Young & Rubicam — within a space that celebrates each agency's distinct brand identity as it conveys the transparent “whole” of WPP’s organization. A subtle, yet distinguished use of brand elements reference the print, film and digital media communications for which WPP is renowned.

The Avenues — Phase III

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Inspired by the world’s great cityscapes, this latest phase of The Avenues comprises six distinct districts, each offering a signature shopping experience. Emulating the best of destinations like the Champs Elysees and New York’s Soho neighborhood, the development will house 545 retail units, including 52 food and beverage outlets, in a dramatic scheme that includes The Mall, The Grand Avenue, SoKu, The Bazaar, Luxury Mall and The Souk. These new districts will connect to earlier phases of The Avenues through a series of courtyard plazas. The result will be a stunning extension to one of the Middle East’s premier retail and leisure destinations.

Hoshigaoka Terrace

Nagoya, Japan

Despite the presence of large department stores, Nagoya’s Hoshigaoka Terrace was never seen as a retail destination. At its center, a sloping site and major thoroughfare proved daunting topography. Gensler overcame the site challenges, creating the heart of a new regional retail district where the community gathers to watch theater, walk outdoor gardens, dine and shop. Designers treated the roadway like a river, carving out the hillside bank to form the radial Four Seasons Plaza. Located at the base of the upper-level outdoor terrace, the plaza serves as the centerpiece of the complex, activating the street edge as a place to promenade and gather.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Alexandria, Virginia

Across a sprawling, 20-acre campus encompassing 2.5 million square feet —  the largest single lease ever signed by the U.S. Government — Gensler provided strategic planning, interior design and graphic design for the new headquarters of the USPTO. Accommodating high-performance office space for 7,000 professional staff, the facility includes a public patent-search library, museum, credit union, 500-seat cafeteria, two retail cafés, fitness and child care centers, data center, auditorium and training center, as well as a health facility. The bright and inviting headquarters is the winner of several interior design and environmental graphics awards.


London, United Kingdom

One of Britain’s premier grocers, Waitrose enjoys a reputation for providing supermarket convenience with the service of a specialist shop. The company further cemented its position as a food lover’s destination with the U.K.’s first grocery store-owned cookery school. Emulating a kitchen table’s communal ambience while reflecting the Waitrose brand, the school offers a comprehensive schedule of classes, as well as a venue for press launches, wine tastings and media events. Gensler created the cookery school’s identity and environmental graphic package to complement the contemporary feel of the built environment, which includes 12 kitchen stations, a demonstration theater, floor-to-ceiling books shelves and wine display, dining area and wine bar.

Houston Ballet Center for Dance

Houston, Texas

The Center for Dance is the largest professional dance facility of its kind in the United States. A visual reminder of Houston’s commitment to the performing arts, the center serves as a gateway to the city’s Theater District and a living billboard for dance. The building’s design draws inspiration from a proscenium stage, showcasing classes and rehearsals through large windows into double-height-volume rehearsal studios. Home to the ballet and its Academy, the six-story, 115,000-square-foot building boasts nine dance studios, a dance laboratory, and artistic, administrative and support facilities.

McEvoy Ranch

San Francisco, California

Developing an iconic retail store concept for the largest U.S. producer of organic, estate-grown olive oil meant enhancing the brand’s positioning and profile in the community. Gensler worked closely with owner Nan Tucker McEvoy’s team to refine the articulation of the brand’s image — both in the small historic Ferry Building store and on product packaging. With imagery and natural materials inspired by the company’s Petaluma, Calif., headquarters ranch, the San Francisco store conveys McEvoy’s “fresh from the ranch” approach, refining the brand’s presentation and drawing customers into its warm, friendly space.

The North Face

Multiple Locations

Amplifying the brand tagline, “Never Stop Exploring,” the new global prototype inspires customers to get outside and experience the great outdoors. Composed of natural elements and textures, the store environment reinforces the metaphor of customer journey as a path of discovery. Trail markers, or “cairns,” built of wood, stone and metal, lend product displays a dynamic appearance and distinguish the store’s core categories — outdoor, action sports and performance. Large-scale photos and flat-panel video screens further enliven the retail environment, enabling customers to engage with The North Face-endorsed athletes and product specialists, while learning about expeditions chartered around the world.

Farmers Field

Los Angeles, California

Envisioned as a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facility, the new Farmers Field will be used both as a stadium and as a massive exhibition hall. AEG selected Gensler to complete the preliminary design of the privately financed, 72,000-seat venue — expandable to 76,500 seats for special events. Conceived as an integrated component of the Los Angeles Convention Center, Farmers Field will house 1,700,000 gross square feet and will feature a retractable roof to adapt to varying uses.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

San Jose, California

In renovating this aging Silicon Valley hotel, its owner saw an opportunity not only to refresh the property but to reposition it as a hip, intimate boutique hotel that would cater to a market segment largely ignored by other local offerings. The design team’s goal was to develop a residential feeling and to establish mood through texture, color and light. An inviting lounge with modern furnishings and saturated color accents sets a tone that is carried through to guest rooms and other public areas. The multi-phased renovation included eight guestroom floors, three large ballrooms, a lounge and a fitness center.

New York School of Interior Design

New York, New York

With its new graduate facility, the nearly century-old New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) has a center that embodies a studio atmosphere, while fostering a sense of community and collaboration for faculty and students. The open, loft-like quality of the sustainably designed space provides for maximum light in the work studios and a flexible layout with expanded circulation and gathering areas for critiques and public forums. Student amenities and support areas include an auditorium, student lounge, resource library and light lab. Gensler designers referenced the school’s Upper East Side roots in articulating NYSID’s brand throughout the LEED® Platinum-certified center.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, San Francisco

San Francisco, California

To accommodate growing demand for its MBA and executive education programs, Wharton San Francisco expanded and relocated its West Coast campus to a Gensler-designed digital learning environment that allows the prestigious school to offer a wider range of custom business and entrepreneurial programming. The new 37,000-square-foot campus showcases panoramic bay views, state-of-the-art group study rooms, and amphitheater-style classrooms with HD video conferencing for broadcasts of networking events, speaker series and classes back to Philadelphia and across the world.


Dallas, Texas

A new retail concept for Acme Brick Company, Patina transforms the process of selecting, purchasing and installing flooring and wall-covering products. Interactive displays give customers visual tools to find products, learn more about their characteristics and scan hundreds of room scenes for inspiration. A large Floor Creator© table allows customers to electronically view tile selections with different setting patterns and grout colors. A separate kitchen vignette contains the Backsplash Gallery©, which displays more than 50 different backsplash design ideas and inspirational design boards. Large material samples are displayed throughout the store in specially designed display units that reinforce Patina’s branding and provide readily accessible sample storage.

Moscone Convention Center

San Francisco, California

Moscone West Exhibition Hall is the newest addition to the Center, expanding the facility’s conference and trade-show capacity by 45 percent. The addition’s sweeping, transparent façade yields a daylight-filled building, with a 112-foot-tall curtain wall in the pre-function space forming one of California’s tallest unsupported glass structures. The building’s extraordinary flexibility, including more than 5,000 linear feet of moveable, ceiling-hung panels, allows separate events to be hosted simultaneously on all three floors. Upper floors wrap around the building’s southeast corner, extending out above the sidewalk to form a protective canopy. Gensler designed Moscone West in joint venture with Michael Willis Architects and Kwan Henmi Architecture.


Multiple Locations Worldwide

Faced with a competitive market and explosive growth, KFC teamed with Gensler to develop a new global restaurant prototype that embodies a refreshed brand image. The design places greater emphasis on the kitchen and includes widely applicable experiential, operational and architectural solutions to recalibrate KFC’s position in the competitive fast-food market. The prototype introduced a variety of dining spaces with raised ceiling heights and more natural light. KFC’s new brand image is incorporated in a flexible system of signage and graphics; and clean, simple interiors and interactive tables draw a new, younger demographic.

Infection Prevention Facilities

Maplewood, Minnesota

As a pilot project to bring a recent acquisition under the umbrella of the Infection Prevention Division of this large, international client, Gensler developed new workplace guidelines as well as global standards for the company’s administrative offices worldwide. Responding to a key goal of customer focus, customer experiences are visually expressed on a prominent wall separating public and private areas. A central circulation zone is flanked by spaces that encourage collaboration and teamwork. Emphasizing wellness in the workplace, the new global standards include areas such as gathering spaces for wellness presentations, treadmills to encourage breaks or reading and standup workstations.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Outsell develops analytic software that leverages real-time online consumer interactions and applies predictive algorithms to optimize consumer engagement, overlapping technology and creative expertise. That concept of overlap was a key driver of the design of its new Minneapolis headquarters. People overlap in various spaces along a main circulation path, which become significant nodes for engagement and accelerated serendipity. A large café and adjacent reception area can accommodate a gathering of the entire staff by opening a metal drapery that otherwise separates the two yet maintains a visual connection. The overall result is a restrained, graceful design that helps tell Outsell’s distinctive story.


Multiple Locations

Facing an influx of competing global brands on their home turf, India-based menswear retailer ColorPlus partnered with Gensler to refresh its image. Extensive research gave the design team a deep understanding of the target customer and the ColorPlus brand, with craftsmanship, quality and authenticity at its core. The resulting refresh is a cohesive point of view that consistently focuses on inspiration, education and service across the portfolio of shop-in-shops, mall stores and flagships that range from 500 to 2,700 square feet. Gensler-designed custom fixtures enable flexibility for the three retail formats and easy set up in new locations. requires a more recent version of the Flash player than you currently have installed, and JavaScript turned on to view this content.

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