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Gensler’s Professional Practice Case Study Series examines the design, logistical, and business challenges inherent in real-world architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) projects. Each case study in the series presents readers with applied knowledge and best practices culled from authentic project scenarios. The topics covered correspond with subject matter from the AIA’s Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, while video interviews with Gensler practitioners supplement the written material and provide personal insights into the design and construction processes.

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Interior Architecture Case Study, Vol.2, Numb.1
Format: Interactive PDF + Videos
Price: $20.00

Wilcott & Brookes Publishing is an interior architecture case study that explains how a unique blend of architecture, design, and consulting services lead to the delivery of a world class workspace for a dynamic publishing conglomerate...

Architecture Case Study, Vol.2, Numb.2
Format: Interactive PDF + Videos
Price: $20.00

Portland Institute of Technology is a base building and interior architecture case study that highlights how two design firms collaborated to design and deliver a $54 MM, multi-purpose academic building...

Design Build Case Study, Vol.1, Numb.1
Format: Interactive PDF
Price: $9.95

Star Spangled Health is a Gensler design-build case study profiling the fast-tracked completion of a large-scale healthcare facility ($50 million, 300,000 square feet). Working in collaboration with contractors, consultants and a complex client team, the project was completed on-time and on-budget, while simultaneously working through a series of project challenges...

About Case Study Series

Gensler’s Professional Practice Case Study Series is an unprecedented initiative within the AEC industry. It not only bridges the gap between academic learning and professional practice but provides emerging professionals with information that can help them navigate the critical early years of their careers. Each case study guides readers through the life cycle of a project, from inception to completion, and prompts them to consider and test responses to various project challenges using critical reasoning and emotional intelligence.

The Gensler Case Study Series augments conceptual lecture topics by providing comprehendible opportunities for students to consider and test responses to situations as they exist in a professional environment.
—Jennifer Pelc-Chandela
   Professor of Professional Practice
   Tulane School of Architecture

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