Kayla Wong

“It’s rewarding to tackle complex problems, work with various clients, and learn how we as designers can help shape our environments.”

New York, New York

Years of Service
DSD Cohort 2, 1 year of industry experience

Cornell University; Department of Design and Environmental Analysis; Bachelors of Science, Design & Environmental Analysis

After a brief exploration in the pre-med field, Kayla transferred into the Design & Environmental Analysis Program and found her niche in design strategy, which is how she ended up in the DSD Program. Most importantly, since moving from Boston to New York, Kayla still remains a loyal Boston sports fan.

Describe some highlights of your first year at Gensler and in the DSD Program.
Going to DSD Forum in Chicago with the rest of the DSDers from around the firm, facilitating a design charrette with a client, attending client interviews, learning from everyone in our widely talented and diverse Consulting studio, networking with Gensler colleagues around the world…the list goes on.

What has been one of the most valuable lessons learned during your first year?
Over the past year, I’ve probably learned more lessons that I can count, however one lesson that has stuck with me is to zoom out before zooming in. What I mean by that is remember to think about the big picture before getting stuck in the granular details of whatever you might be working on. No matter what point you are at in a project, I’ve learned that it is always helpful to take a step back and assess whether the goals you set at the beginning are being met or if they have changed.

Briefly describe your current day-to-day.
No matter what, my day always starts at the Nespresso machine. Besides that, my day-to-day really depends on the projects I’m staffed on. Somedays I will be glued to my desk working on a client deadline, and others day I will be attending client meetings and having pin-up sessions with my project team to outline our process or review a presentation deck. Currently, you can find me working on a detailed program that will provide our design team the spatial requirements needed to plan our client’s new headquarters in New York.

What advice would you give someone applying to the DSD Program?
Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. While it’s safe to say that everyone applying to the DSD program shares a common interest in design strategy, what else about you makes you stand out?

Describe the New York office in 3 words or less?
Fast-paced, busy, diverse.

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