Muhammad Saleh

“What intrigues me most about design strategy is the constant growth of ideas and approaches that continues to impact everyday lives.”

San Francisco, California

Years of Service
DSD Cohort 3, 2 years of industry experience

City College of New York; Bernard + Anne Spitzer School of Architecture; Bachelor of Architecture

While studying architecture, Muhammad explored various branches of the field which, has opened his eyes to urbanism, policy and engagement. As a designer, he combines research and analytical problem solving to design and sustain stronger communities. Before joining Gensler, he helped UN Habitat research and advance numerous tactical ideas to reveal “The Quito Papers,” a collaborative strategic report outlining the future of urbanism.

Briefly describe your current day-to-day.
No two days have been the same yet! Whether it is meeting with clients or problem solving with your team, you can rest assured that your day will be exciting and filled with hard work. Today was filled with a site walk-through with our client, a brainstorming session and creating reports on the future of our client’s workplace.

What advice would you give someone applying to the DSD Program?
Design strategy is most likely something you have done but just didn’t know that was the name for it. Explore the type of work you want to do and the impact you want to have in the design field. Demonstrate how you can use your skill set to solve problems. In terms of your application, show the way you think and your process rather than the finished and polished product.

Describe the San Francisco office in 3 words or less?
Innovative, animated, intriguing.

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