Below are several resources you can download to help guide you through the application process.

Gensler’s Student + Graduate Career Guide
Interested in learning more about a career at Gensler? Download this guide that details everything you need to know about our Firm.

DSD Program Brochure
Do you know someone who would be an ideal candidate for the DSD Program? Send this brochure that summarizes the program.

DSD Program Poster
Help us spread the word about the DSD Program by downloading the poster and hanging it in your school.

Application Case Studies
If you missed it on our How To Apply page, you can download the Case Studies here. The response to one (1) of these Case Studies must be included in your Personal Dossier.

Personal Dossier Checklist
To help with the development of your Personal Dossier you can download this checklist to make sure you have included all the required information. It may also give you a bit more insight into what we’re looking for along with addressing frequently asked questions.