Practice Area Leadership

David G. Broz

Education, Civic & Culture Leader, Principal

+1 312.577.7124

 |  LinkedIn » A Gensler Principal and Registered Architect, David is a Leader of Gensler’s Education, Civic & Culture...

Tom Heffernan

Managing Director, Education, Civic, & Culture Leader, Principal

+1 619.557.2531

 |  LinkedIn » Over his more than 25-year career, Tom has focused on design for higher education and local government, and has...

Nathan Kim

Education, Civic, & Culture Leader, Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3875

 |  LinkedIn » In his role as an Education, Civic & Culture Leader and Principal, Nathan combines more than 15 years of...

Allison Marshall

Religious Practice Area Leader, Design Manager

+1 713.844.0038

 |  LinkedIn » As one of Gensler’s Religious Practice Area Leaders, Allison not only serves as a resource for other Gensler...

David Pakshong

Civic & Culture Leader

+1 213.327.3673

As an architect and team leader, David brings a comprehensive skill set of design advocacy, management...

Bevin Savage-Yamazaki

Civic & Culture Leader

+ 1 212.492.1585

 |  LinkedIn » With a passion for all aspects of culture and the arts, Bevin leads Gensler’s Foundations, Associations, and...

Meghan Webster

Education, Civic, & Culture Leader, Principal

+1 312.577.6584

 |  LinkedIn » As one of Gensler’s Education, Civic & Culture leaders, Meghan co-leads a global team focused on the design...

Ellyn Wulfe

Civic & Culture Leader

+1 713.844.0096

 |  LinkedIn » A Civic & Culture Leader, Ellyn brings an understanding of the nuts and bolts of fundraising to her...