Firmwide Practice Area Leadership

Timothy Bromiley

Firmwide Professional Services Firms Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.1618

Many of the world’s largest and most influential law firms and other professional services clients call upon...

Steve Martin

Firmwide Professional Services Firms Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 202.721.5336

Steve partners with visionary law firm leaders to help them make tough strategic decisions that impact their...

Jim Prendergast

Firmwide Professional Services Firms Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 312.386.2974

A Principal and Design Director in Gensler’s Chicago office, Jim specializes in the strategic planning and...

Practice Area Leadership

Ambrose Aliaga-Kelly

Technical Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8696

Ambrose is recognized for his knowledge of Manhattan’s commercial office buildings and his ability to evaluate...

Robin Klehr Avia

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.8611

Robin Klehr Avia’s leadership is a hallmark of her professional reputation — whether she is setting a strategic...

Todd Baisch

Firmwide Corporate Campuses Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 312.577.7147

As a Firmwide Leader of Gensler’s Corporate Campuses Practice, Todd has worked with technology companies...

Kenneth P. Baker

Regional Managing Principal

+1 202.721.5247

Ken is currently serving on Gensler’s Board of Directors and Management Committee. As a Co-Managing Principal...

Cathy Bregenzer

Firmwide Financial Services Firms Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4109

Cathy is a Firmwide Financial Services Firms Practice Area Leader. As Principal and Client Relationship Leader...

Mariela Buendia-Corrochano

Co-Office Director, Design Director, Principal

+52 (55) 5047 1661

With her work on law firms, corporate workplaces and product design, Mariela pushes current design thinking to...

Becky Button

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.492.2734

Becky is a Studio Director with a deep commitment to building and maintaining strong client relationships. She...

Emma Chang

Design Director, Principal

+86 (10) 6562.8916

Trained as an architect in the U.S., Emma brings global vision to the market. She translates her 15 years of...

Chris Coldoff

Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3943

Chris brings 22 years of experience to the design of innovative workplace environments. A Principal and Studio...

Barbara Dunn

Studio Director, Principal

+1 213.327.3670

Barbara is a Principal and Studio Leader in our Los Angeles office. For more than 30 years, she has created...

Eric Ginsburg

Managing Director, Principal

+1 416.601.3899

As Co-Managing Director of Gensler Toronto, Eric is focused on both servicing U.S. clients as they expand their...

Francisco Gonzalez

Co-Office Director, Principal

+1 202.263.5440

With more than 20 years in the design industry, Francisco leverages his experience to help clients understand...

Lydia Gould

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8662

Lydia is a Design Director in Gensler’s New York office. She helped establish Gensler’s Washington, D.C. office...

Connie Ho

Firmwide Financial Services Firms Practice Area Leader

+852 3976 8005

Connie is a Firmwide Leader of Gensler’s Financial Services Firms Practice Area. Having worked in Gensler’s New...

Jerry Hung

Managing Director, Principal

+86 (10) 6562.8989

Jerry is a leader who thinks like a designer and executes like an engineer. Jerry began his career with Gensler...

Joshua Katz

Studio Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8647

Over 24 years with Gensler, Josh’s diverse portfolio reflects his innate ability to integrate knowledge from a...

Christine Laing

Studio Director, Principal

+1 408.885.8102

As a Principal and Studio Director in our San Jose office, Christine oversees workplace design projects for...

Tom Lanzelotti

Technical Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8629

Tom is a go-to resource in the New York real estate industry for building evaluations and phased, complex...

Laurent Lisimachio

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1623

Since joining Gensler in 2000, Laurent has worked with brands across retail, hospitality, and workplace for the...

Carlos Martínez

Firmwide Consumer Goods Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.3214

For more than 30 years, Carlos has provided thought leadership and innovative solutions in architecture...

Mark Morton

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.8693

A Design Director in our New York office, Mark is known for his exceptional designs for large headquarters...

Dana Nalbantian

Studio Director, Principal

+1 973.290.8526

As a Studio Director and workplace design expert in our Morristown office, Dana has completed more than 10...

Jeanne M. Nutt

Managing Director, Principal

+1 617.619.5750

As Co-Managing Director of Gensler Boston, Jeanne sets strategic direction and ensures that its operations...

Bert Oliva

Managing Director, Principal

+1 813.228.7681

As a Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Tampa office, Bert has developed relationships and led projects with an...

Keith Rosen

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.468.4437

Keith’s reputation as a leading designer has been built through three decades of designing interior...

Johnathan Sandler

Firmwide Media Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 212.492.3079

Johnathan digs deep to uncover how an organization works, its business objectives, and ways the new environment...

Julia Simet

Regional Managing Principal

+1 212.492.8644

Julia is a Co-Regional Managing Principal for Gensler’s Northeast region, and a member of Gensler’s Board of...

Cindy Simpson

Managing Director, Principal

+1 214.273.1584

Cindy is a Co-Managing Director of Gensler’s Dallas office. As both an accomplished project leader and...

Sandi Warneke

Design Director, Principal

+1 949.260.8517

Sandi has a passion for art, design, client relationships, and community engagement. Through more than 30 years...

Jim Williamson

Design Management Leader, Principal

+1 202.721.5244

Jim brings more than 20 years of industry expertise to his role as a Firmwide and Regional Design Management...

Ed Wood

Design Director, Principal

+1 212.492.1522

Ed continually seeks to create inspired and memorable work and prides himself on balancing highly creative and...

Doug Zucker

Professional Services Firms Practice Area Leader, Principal

+1 415.836.4242

Doug leads our Professional Service Firms Practice Area, as well as the building repositioning focus in our San...