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Gensler La Crosse is Moving to Belle Square

This September, Gensler La Crosse will move to the new Belle Square building. The growing 51-person team will occupy a new state-of-the art space to support clients and showcase best-in-tech solutions.

“The La Crosse team has been growing and our active client list continues to expand as technology-based solutions continue to transcend across industries. Our new space is all about putting our people and clients at the center of everything we do,” said Joan Meyers, Gensler La Crosse’s Managing Director. “The new office shows how various capabilities and design aesthetics can come together and continue moving at the speed of today’s business.”

Gensler La Crosse has outgrown its current office and will be moving out of the former La Crosse Plow Co. building at 300 Second St. N. where the team has been since 2001. The new location brings a fresh perspective with an agile layout designed to build on the momentum the team is experiencing.

The design reflects key findings from Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Survey and Observe Activity Analysis, which influenced everything from the ratio of collaboration space to heads-down workstations, to the abundance and accessibility to natural light, and the size and placement of the café. Every detail is designed to keep the team moving throughout the day.

Specifically, the new office will integrate video conferencing, virtual smart boarding, and wireless presence detection—all designed to push the limits on what’s possible in a modern workplace. All that high-tech is complimented by bringing in the natural beauty that only La Crosse, Wisconsin offers. A café, relaxation room, hydration station and access to an outdoor terrace blend wellness and nature with technology.

“The new space needs to accommodate the way our people work, and to understand that, we studied it. As a result, we will be incorporating a variety of working options and configurable layouts in the new space,” says facility manager Carlie Gullickson. “Creating balance in the workday impacts employee happiness, and a happy employee is going to be more creative.”

The move is led by Gensler La Crosse’s Managing Director, Joan Meyers, Client Relationship Director, Julie Henline, and Facilities Manager, Carlie Gullickson. All employees are expected to move in by September of this year.

New Office Details
Effective September 25, 2017, our address will be:
232 3rd St. N.
Suite 201
La Crosse, WI 54601