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November 16, 2015

New Book Celebrates Opening of Shanghai Tower, China’s Tallest Building

Shanghai Tower tells the compelling story of the making of this 632-meter marvel
NEW YORK — Gensler is pleased to announce the publication of its hardcover coffee table book Shanghai Tower. Through a compelling combination of evocative imagery and thoughtful text treatments, the book tells the compelling story of the making of China’s tallest building, touching on the concepts underlying the design, the journey of construction, key components of the tower and its impact on the city of Shanghai.
“A project of such magnitude could not have been undertaken at any other time in the history of China,” notes Dan Winey, Gensler regional managing principal and the champion behind Shanghai Tower. “I wanted to create a book that reflected the enormity of the project Gensler undertook, the grace and strength of the building, and the beauty of Shanghai and her people. We have achieved that with Shanghai Tower.” 
Gensler’s in-house creative team including photographers, writers, editors and designers from across the globe concepted, designed, wrote and translated the book – all while the building that inspired it was still under construction. Working with local photographer and Shanghai Tower enthusiast Blackstation, Mr. Winey and Gensler’s creative team captured the building’s essential elements in stunning detail, from all heights, angles and aspects. 
The result is a book that pays artistic homage to the extraordinary talents of the Shanghai Tower design team, and the exquisite culture and history of Shanghai and China.
Shanghai Tower is available to order on Amazon.
Monica Schaffer
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