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Bandwidth Campus

Raleigh, North Carolina

Bandwidth, a technology company founded in Raleigh, North Carolina, based its headquarters inside a 550,000-square-foot, five-story office building that features an intriguing form and represents the North Carolina roots upon which it sits. With a scale that rises gradually with recessed higher floors, the building intertwines with the surrounding campus and natural landscape, rather than overpowering them. Like every building on the campus, Bandwidth’s office features a front porch design concept — a staple of Southern architecture that speaks to the importance of home, warmth, and family. With a range of work and lifestyle amenities, including convenient access to a Montessori-based school for children, the campus is welcoming and unmistakably hospitality-driven. This is most resoundingly illustrated via the lobby experience, comprised of a five-story atrium made of carved wood, which forms an organically intersecting staircase, capped by a skylight, and creates the inspiring impression of climbing a tree and ascending into the clouds.