Design Update

Focused on a new or noteworthy project, the digital and large-format print versions of Design Update highlight a client’s business drivers and the innovative design, technical and managerial solutions Gensler provides.
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Design Forecast 2023: Transformation - Design Strategies for the Human Experience

Design Forecast, Gensler Design Forecast, Design Strategies for the Human Experience, design strategies, strategies for human experience, transformation, transformation strategies, design for a radically changing world 2023

Design Forecast 2022: Resilient Design Strategies for the Human Experience

design forecast, design strategies, resilient future, Design Forecast 2022, resilient design, sustainable strategies, design strategies for the human experience, design for the human experience 2022

Design Forecast 2021 - Reconnect

Design forecast 2021, Design forecast, Gensler design forecast, Gensler, design strategies, Design Strategies for a Post-COVID World, COVID design strategies, Reconnect 2021

Dialogue 35

As cities continue to grow, designers are stepping in to create experiences that connect people to urban life in all new ways.

experience design, urban experience, shape of cities, smart city, urban planning, lifestyle, retail design, hospitality design 2020

Design Forecast

Human Experience, future of cities, urbanization, urban centers, livable, Mobility, autonomous vehicles, aerial ride-shares 2019

Design Forecast Local 2019


Dialogue 34

From incubating new ideas to addressing climate change, workplace design can make the world a better place

workplace, dialogue, dialogue 34, future of work, future of cities, office, future of the office, talent 2019

Dialogue 33

No matter how you look at cities, people are always at the center. For that reason, we believe that human experience is the driving force behind how we shape our future cities. That’s why we have devoted this issue of Dialogue to Designing Cities for People.

Smart Cities, Connected City, Urban Planning, Urban Experience, Resilience Strategies, Affordable Housing, Project-Based Education, Academic incubators 2019

Designing the Cities of the Future

Modern cities can be built on time-honored principles and shaped by regional culture and local values, as demonstrated at Msheireb Downtown Doha.

City of the Future, Downtown Doha, Doha, Urbanization, Modern Cities, Walkability, Urban Growth, Local Culture 2019

Dialogue 32

In this issue of Dialogue, we focus on the lifestyle sector and explore the role of convergence, experience, and placemaking in reshaping cities around the world.

dialogue, convergence, experience, hospitality, retail, lifestyle, future, authenticity 2018

Design Forecast 2018

Forecast, design trends, cities, urban, solutions, strategies 2018

Design Forecast Español




Dialogue 31

In a rapidly changing business climate, the most successful organizations are adapting their workplace strategies to focus on the needs of people.

Dialogue 31, workplace design, workplace strategy, office design, 2018

Design Forecast 2017

2017, Design Forecast, Experience, Developers 2017

Dialogue 30

Design, Urban, Architecture, Innovation, Livable, Sustainable, Education, Healthcare 2017

Gensler Design Forecast 2017 - Mandarin


Gensler Design Forecast 2017 - Español


Research Catalogue, Volume 2

The second installment in Gensler’s Research Catalogue series features findings from 41 research teams across the globe, with implications for everything from the future of museums to how we build the cities of tomorrow.


Dialogue 29

  • Retail & Social Media
  • Destinations: A World of Mixed Use
  • Travel Gets Hospitable
  • More Than a Game: The Fan Experience


Gensler Design Forecast 2016

Arts & Culture, Aviation & Transportation, Brand Design, Consulting, Consumer Goods, Convention Centers, Corporate Campuses, Defense & Aerospace 2016

Gensler Design Forecast 2016 - 中文


Gensler Design Forecast 2016 - Español


Research Catalogue, Volume 1

Gensler’s first Research Catalogue, published in 2014, highlights the work of 42 research teams on topics ranging from workplace performance to the student experience.


Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower tells the compelling story of the making of China’s tallest building. The book captures the emotion and spirit of a super-highrise that is transformative in nature. Its chapters deal with the concepts underlying the design, the journey of construction, key components of the tower, and its impact on a world city.

Iconic, Innovation, Shanghai, Super-highrise, Sustainable, Tall Buildings, Tower, Vertical Community 2015

Dialogue 28

  • Workplace Now
  • Research: Balancing Acts
  • In the Mix
  • Office Buildings & Headquarters

Consulting, Consumer Goods, Corporate Campuses, Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Financial Services Firms, Government, Sciences 2015

Dialogue 27

  • Education gets its game on
  • Museums: The directors’ cut
  • Aviation’s moment of delight
  • Healthcare: It’s all about you

Education, Museum, Aviation, Healthcare, Transformation, Community, Universities, Academic 2015

Art’s Principles

Art’s Principles reveals the blueprint behind one of the most successful professional services firms, giving career-minded individuals the tools they need to excel in business.

Art Gensler, Architect, Business, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leadership, Professional Services Firms, Social Networking 2015

Design Update:
Shanghai Tower

Inspired by Shanghai’s tradition of parks and neighborhoods, China’s tallest mixed-use building will complete the world’s first super-highrise precinct and reshape the way we build and inhabit cities.

Iconic, Shanghai, Strategic, Super-highrise, Sustainable, Tower, Vertical Community, Vertical Urbanism 2015

Dialogue 26

  • North America: shades of difference
  • Latin America: raising expectations
  • Asia + Australia: updating tradition
  • Middle East + Europe: future positive

Entertainment, Retail, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Sports, Motorola Mobility HQ, Hackney House @SXSW, Hancock Center's Tilt 2014

Dialogue 25

  • Four world cities’ work styles
  • Transformative headquarters
  • Considering work’s future
  • CRE’s global perspective

Urban Work, Vertical Campus, Commercial Real Estate Roundtable, Smart Working, Work in the City, Workplace Survey, SFO T3 BAE, General Motors Renaissance Center Lighting 2014

Dialogue 24

  • Education Shifts the Frame
  • The Town Square Reimagined
  • Airports with a Human Touch
  • The Social Art of Staying Well

Revolution in Education, NYU MAGNET, Dwight-Englewood School, STEM, Community Wellness, Near Future Airports, Net Zero Data Centers, Town Square Reimagined 2013

Dialogue 23

  • The Mix: Reviving the Modern City
  • Retail: How to Engage Consumers
  • The Avenues: Shopping Redefined
  • Research: Brand Awareness Survey

Mixed Use, Urban Revitalization, Technology in Retail, Luxury and Authenticity, Redefining Shopping, Chase Bank, Net Zero, PNC Bank 2013

Gensler Design Forecast 2013

Brand Design, Professional Services Firms, Sciences, Sports, Entertainment, Financial Services Firms, Media, Corporate Campuses 2013

Design Update:
The Tower at PNC Plaza

To a real estate portfolio replete with green branch banks, offices and mixed-use towers, PNC Financial Services Group adds a headquarters that raises the bar for energy response and workplace performance.

Community, Energy, Innovative, Performance, Sustainable, Work, Corporate Campuses, Financial Services Firms 2012

Dialogue 22

  • Workplace Revolution 2.0
  • Startups and Post-Startups
  • Reinventing the Headquarters
  • Susan Cain and Sherry Turkle

Office Reinvention, Millennial Generation, Workplace Enablement, American Express, PNC Tower, Independent Work, Mobility, Design Research 2012

Dialogue 20
Talking about...
Leisure & Lifestyle

  • Leisure’s Brave New World
  • Sports & the City
  • Retail’s Spirit of Place
  • The New and the Renewed

Web 2.0, Personally Directed Experience, Convergence, Next-Generation Sports Venues, Retail Communities, Hospitality Rebound, L.A. LIVE, Farmers Field 2011

Dialogue 19
Special Edition
Design Research

  • Why Design Research?
  • Design for Performance
  • Made to Measure
  • The High-Tech Terminal

High-Performance Buildings, Workplace Performance Index, Airport Terminals, Design Research Leaders, Johnson Controls Headquarters, PNC Place, Waitrose Cookery School, Jackson Hole Airport 2011

Design Update:
The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE

The first new downtown tower in 20 years marks L.A. LIVE as Southern California's premier setting for professional sports, headline entertainment and international conferences and conventions. Completing a decade-long effort by AEG, the project doubles L.A. LIVE’s size, adding a rich mix of urban living.

Downtown, Entertainment, Hotel, LEED®, Residential, Sustainable, Tower, Brand Design 2010

Design Update:
Creating CityCenter

Once a generation, Las Vegas reinvents itself. In 2005, master plan in hand, MGM MIRAGE asked Gensler to join it in making a “city within a city.” How our team helped create a new symbol of Las Vegas is a case study in design leadership.

Center, City, Executive Architect, LEED®, Sustainable, World-Class, Brand Design, Entertainment 2009

Design Forecast


Design Update