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The Sleep Set 2016 — Winner

What is Sleep?

Sleep is Europe’s leading event for the hospitality design, development and architectural community. It provides a platform for buyers to meet sellers from the hotel design sector. Every year, Sleep organizes a design competition, The Sleep Set, where design companies are asked to create a guestroom experience that pushes boundaries and explores new ideas.

This year, Gensler, along with four other design firms, is participating in the Sleep Set design competition. Every year, participants are given a theme within which to create a guestroom experience. This year’s theme explores The Science of Tribes.

The Science of Tribes

Driven by rising consumer culture, individualization and globalization, societies have become more complex than ever before and traditional segmentation according to socio‐demographic features or social class is now far from adequate. As a result, Sinus, the research and consulting institute behind this year’s Science of Tribes theme, has developed a different approach.

Sinus has identified target groups which are derived from ethno-anthropology and based on the analysis of everyday life and attitudes towards work, family, leisure and consumption. Exploring similarities and differences in people’s basic values, Sinus has researched individuals future plans, ideas, interests and orientation role models, as well as accounting for social situations such as income, education and profession.

We will be immersing ourselves in the world of the Digital Avant-Gardes,” more fondly termed the "expeditionists."

A white building on a rocky hillside.

Who are the Digital Avant-Gardes?

We believe our guests seek an instinctive, unscripted journey to shape their lives. Freedom and independence are all-important to this group of nonconformist, individual people who embrace the digital to enhance their lifestyle. They have no fixed dogma, their values are global and pluralistic, and they are mobile socializers.

Through our discussions we deliberated whether our tribe even stay in a hotel? Our reasoning has led us to theorize that our tribe would prefer alternative forms of accommodation over a traditional hotel; they appreciate the homeliness, flexibility, price and locality of these places. Therefore, we started asking ourselves questions such as:

  • What if a hotel can be for the community as well as the guests?
  • What if the staff saw themselves as hosts rather than service staff?
  • What if aspects of the hotel were based on a peer to peer economy?

For this reason, Gensler is designing a guest experience which seeks to shift the focus from the space, and even the design, to the people who inhabit it.

Read more about our concept and the thinking that led us there in our specially commissioned magazine, The Collective Traveller.

Experience the Future of Design

Take a trip to our Sleep Set November 22-23 at:

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
Islington, London, N1 0QH

Open 10:00-21:30 (Tuesday 22) & 10:00-18:00 (Wednesday 23).

Register at www.thesleepevent.com. The winner of the Sleep Set competition will be announced on Wednesday 23 between 12.15-13.00.