Our Monograph series provides compelling overviews of market sectors in which we practice. Through case studies, each volume documents how Gensler works with clients to deliver innovative design solutions.
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Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower tells the compelling story of the making of China’s tallest building. The book captures the emotion and spirit of a super-highrise that is transformative in nature. Its chapters deal with the concepts underlying the design, the journey of construction, key components of the tower, and its impact on a world city.

Iconic, Innovation, Shanghai, Super-highrise, Sustainable, Tall Buildings, Tower, Vertical Community 2015

Dialogue 28

  • Workplace Now
  • Research: Balancing Acts
  • In the Mix
  • Office Buildings & Headquarters


Dialogue 27

  • Education gets its game on
  • Museums: The directors’ cut
  • Aviation’s moment of delight
  • Healthcare: It’s all about you

Education, Museum, Aviation, Healthcare, Transformation, Community, Universities, Academic 2015

Gensler Design Forecast 2015

Our 2015 Design Forecast highlights the industry trends that will shape design in the year ahead. They reflect six big topics – urbanization, workplace, technology, resilience, development and globalization – that form an agenda for the next decade.

Six Design Meta-Trends, The Future of Workplace, The Future of Lifestyle, The Future of Community, Gensler’s Annual Report, Firm Highlights, Leadership, Clients 2015

Design Update:
Shanghai Tower

Inspired by Shanghai’s tradition of parks and neighborhoods, China’s tallest mixed-use building will complete the world’s first super-highrise precinct and reshape the way we build and inhabit cities.

Iconic, Shanghai, Strategic, Super-highrise, Sustainable, Tower, Vertical Community, Vertical Urbanism 2015

Art’s Principles

Art’s Principles reveals the blueprint behind one of the most successful professional services firms, giving career-minded individuals the tools they need to excel in business.

Art Gensler, Architect, Business, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leadership, Professional Services Firms, Social Networking 2015

2015 设计展望

Gensler 2015年的设计展望关注建筑设计产业的设计趋势。六大讨论主题:城市化、 办公场所、科技、恢复力、发展和 全球化,皆是影响未来 十年演化的重要议题。


Dialogue 26

  • North America: shades of difference
  • Latin America: raising expectations
  • Asia + Australia: updating tradition
  • Middle East + Europe: future positive

Entertainment, Retail, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Sports, Motorola Mobility HQ, Hackney House @SXSW, Hancock Center's Tilt 2014

Dialogue 25

  • Four world cities’ work styles
  • Transformative headquarters
  • Considering work’s future
  • CRE’s global perspective

Urban Work, Vertical Campus, Commercial Real Estate Roundtable, Smart Working, Work in the City, Workplace Survey, SFO T3 BAE, General Motors Renaissance Center Lighting 2014

Gensler Design Forecast 2014

Our 2014 Design Forecast highlights the trends that will shape design in the coming decade. They reflect six big topics – workplace, wellness, technology, urbanization, globalization, and development – that form an agenda for the future.

Six Design Meta-Trends, The Future of Workplace, The Future of Lifestyle, The Future of Community, 2014 Annual Report, Firm Highlights, Leadership, Clients 2014

Dialogue 24

  • Education Shifts the Frame
  • The Town Square Reimagined
  • Airports with a Human Touch
  • The Social Art of Staying Well

Revolution in Education, NYU MAGNET, Dwight-Englewood School, STEM, Community Wellness, Near Future Airports, Net Zero Data Centers, Town Square Reimagined 2013

Dialogue 23

  • The Mix: Reviving the Modern City
  • Retail: How to Engage Consumers
  • The Avenues: Shopping Redefined
  • Research: Brand Awareness Survey

Mixed Use, Urban Revitalization, Technology in Retail, Luxury and Authenticity, Redefining Shopping, Chase Bank, Net Zero, PNC Bank 2013

Gensler Design Forecast 2013

  • The Trends: A look at the issues driving change in the next year.
  • The Responses: How design will address 2013’s market challenges.
  • The Specialists: Thought leadership from Gensler’s 20 practices.

The Future of Work, The Future of Health & Wellness, The Future of Lifestyle, The Future of Community, 2013 Annual Report, Firm Highlights, Leadership, Clients 2013

Design Update:
The Tower at PNC Plaza

To a real estate portfolio replete with green branch banks, offices and mixed-use towers, PNC Financial Services Group adds a headquarters that raises the bar for energy response and workplace performance.

Community, Energy, Innovative, Performance, Sustainable, Work 2012

Dialogue 22

  • Workplace Revolution 2.0
  • Startups and Post-Startups
  • Reinventing the Headquarters
  • Susan Cain and Sherry Turkle

Office Reinvention, Millennial Generation, Workplace Enablement, American Express, PNC Tower, Independent Work, Mobility, Design Research 2012

Design for Retail

An impressive roster of retail interiors for top brands that demand the highest level of design and an engaging customer experience.

The Avenues, Bank of America, General Motors, Microsoft, The North Face 2012

Design for Aviation

A comprehensive survey of modern, passenger-friendly airports – the key connector to cities and regions in an expanding global community.

Chennai International Airport, Denver International Airport, Incheon International Airport, Jackson Hole Airport, San Francisco International Airport 2012

Dialogue 21

  • Higher Education in Flux
  • A New Place for Culture
  • Designed for Wellness
  • Airports That Say “You First”

Technology in Teaching, Overseas Campuses, Duke University, Virtual Labs, Princeton University, Cultural Missions, Houston Ballet, Urban Open Space 2012

2011 Annual Report:
From the everyday to the extraordinary.

Gensler delivers innovation. Why does innovation matter? Because the everyday can be a place of extraordinary opportunity, and innovation is how it’s realized. We use design to uncover opportunities and deliver solutions that can transform people’s lives.

Executive Directors’ Letter, Year in Review, 2011 Financial Results, Year in Design, Gensler Leadership, Client Relationships, Practice Areas, Offices 2011

2010 Annual Report:
Design Works

  • How design works: a survey of designing with strategic intent
  • Delivering design: 18 practices make design work globally
  • Firm highlights: Gensler well-positioned for the new decade
  • Client relationships: In 2010, 1,985 clients in 83 countries

Power of Design Worldwide, A Quick Guide to Design Thinking, The Year in Review, Global Review, Design + Performance Review, Community Review, Shareholder Report, Firm Leadership 2010

Design Update:
The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE

The first new downtown tower in 20 years marks L.A. LIVE as Southern California's premier setting for professional sports, headline entertainment and international conferences and conventions. Completing a decade-long effort by AEG, the project doubles L.A. LIVE’s size, adding a rich mix of urban living.

Downtown, Entertainment, Hotel, LEED®, Residential, Sustainable, Tower 2010

Design for Education

A portfolio of design innovations and place-making solutions for a diverse range of education clients committed to excellent facilities.

Arizona State University, Duke Kunshan University, University of California, Berkeley, University of the Pacific, St. John’s University 2010

Design for Government

A rich resource on innovative design and best practices for buildings that boost performance for public agencies.

Department of Homeland Security, Government Communications Headquarters, Manchester Magistrates’ Courts, Moscone Convention Center, Smithsonian Institution 2010

Design Update:
Creating CityCenter

Once a generation, Las Vegas reinvents itself. In 2005, master plan in hand, MGM MIRAGE asked Gensler to join it in making a “city within a city.” How our team helped create a new symbol of Las Vegas is a case study in design leadership.

Center, City, Executive Architect, LEED®, Sustainable, World-Class 2009