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Our diverse client base and the number of projects we complete—nearly 3,000 per year—gives us unique exposure to broader trends impacting the built environment. We spotlight these and exceptional project stories here.
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Designing Vibrant Communities

Vibrant communities are the building blocks of our fast-paced, increasingly urban world. To help cities thrive, these communities must be connected, resilient, healthy and inspiring.

Arts, Critical Facilities, Culture, Education, Health & Wellness, Planning, Transportation, Urban Design 2016

Gensler Signs Paris Pledge for Action on Climate Change

Gensler joins with other private companies and governments in signing the Paris Pledge for Action

COP21, Climate Change, Paris Pledge for Action, Sustainability 2016

What makes a world-class airport?

Gleaming new terminals are rising in next-generation cities across the globe; and with these come growing expectations of the airport experience. To remain competitive, legacy regional and national airports are asking: What makes for a world-class airport today?

Airports, Destination, Livable Cities, Passenger, Rail, Transit, Traveler, World-Class 2015

Retail Health, Retail Medicine and the New Healthcare Experience

Retail health is emerging as a means for delivering quality, convenient care to millions of consumers; it’s also model for healthcare systems to consider when expanding their networks or extending services to reach new patient populations.

Clinic, Consumer, Experience, Health, Healthcare, Retail Clinic, Retail Health, Retail Medicine 2015

Vertical Urbanism and the Livable Cities of Tomorrow

Open spaces – the parks and piazzas that give cities a sense of character and community – are in short supply. To ensure cities remain livable in an urbanizing world, new perspectives on public space are needed. One approach is to look beyond the ground plane.

City, Community, Livable Cities, Megacities, New Perspectives, Open Space, Parks, Public Space 2015

The Rise of Academic Incubators

Gensler has launched an initiative to explore the impact of academic incubators on universities, businesses and communities. Leveraging global expertise and insights in workplace and higher education design, we seek to understand what separates successful incubators from those that fail and to share these findings with our clients.

Academic Incubator, Academic Incubators, Accelerator, Business, Campus, Education, Incubator, Innovation 2015

We Promote Good Design by Celebrating It

Gensler's annual Design Excellence Awards help propel the quality of design ideas and solutions we provide clients. The 2014 program recognized 23 praiseworthy projects, calling out five for exceptional design achievement.

Culture of Design, GDEA, Global, Innovation, Research, Talent 2014

Design Is in Our DNA

The annual Gensler Design Excellence Awards set a standard of quality, raise the visibility of our top projects and generate conversations about design in Gensler offices across the world.

Culture of Design, Global, Innovation, Research, Talent 2013

Reimagining ColorPlus

An Indian retail icon looks to Gensler to refresh and redefine its brand

Brand, Iconic, Identity, Store 2013

Talk of the Town

The Avenues redefines shopping in the Gulf and internationally

Experience, Shop, Urban 2013

Under the Hood: Retail

A Q&A on how retailers are using design to keep their competitive edge

Customer, Experience, Luxury, Store, Technology 2013

Reimagining Cities

Envisioning a better urban future by redefining the Town Square

City, Experience, Urban 2013

Windows Worth Shopping

Ferrari Store and Gensler partner for RIBA Regent Street Windows Project

Engage, Experience, Store, Technology 2013

Shopping the Globe

What’s in store for retailers when planning an international expansion

Customer, Experience, Global, Shop 2012

Airport Cities

Denver and Seoul see airports keying economic growth and global standing

City, Conference, DEN, DIA, Downtown, Hotel, Shop, Station 2012

A Whole New Ballgame

The sophisticated business of planning successful sports venues

Arena, Community, Sports, Stadium, Urban 2012

The Developing City

Gensler envisions London in 2050 for a summer-long exhibition

London, Vision 2012

All Squared Away

22squared’s new office makes a pitch for the ad agency’s creative culture

Advertising, Brand, Communication, Creative, Media 2012

Destination Airports

A new generation of terminals elevates the travel experience

Business, DEN, DIA, Experience, Incheon, Jetblue, Leisure, Passenger 2012

A New School for Jacmel

Taking a “little by little” approach to building Haiti’s future anew

Community, Life, School 2011

Now Boarding: A New Skylife

SFO's Terminal 2 ushers in air travel's sustainable, passenger-friendly era

Air, Experience, Passenger, Sustainable 2011

The London River Park

An award-winning plan to transform London’s experience of the Thames

City, Iconic, London, Park, Urban, Vision 2011

Values-Based Retail

A look at six savvy companies serving up the good values their customers seek

Brand, Community, Experience, Shop, Store 2011

Virtual Me, Virtual U

How schools are using technology to transform the halls of higher education

Collaborate, School, Social, Technology, University 2011

Virtual Me, Virtual U: Part II

How schools are using technology to transform the halls of higher education

Collaborate, School, Social, Technology, University 2011

Farmers Field

AEG selects Gensler to design proposed football stadium at L.A. LIVE

Center, Downtown, Plan, Sports, Stadium 2011

First Position

Houston Ballet’s new Center for Dance becomes nation’s largest dance facility

Art, Center, City, Life, Performance 2011