DesignForecastLIVE 2016

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Gensler is focused on solving the key issues facing our clients today and tomorrow. That’s why we sponsored DesignForecastLIVE—to listen to our clients’ challenges and co-create the future with them.

Held in New York in June 2016, the two-day event explored how contemporary life has evolved as a blend of live, work and play. Technology is booming, demographics are shifting and people are moving to cities. So what are the design implications as we plan for how businesses and institutions will adapt and change in the future?

Bringing the Future Forward
Dylan Hendricks set the tone for the event in his opening-night keynote at the Gensler-designed headquarters of Condé Nast at One World Trade Center. He reminded us that—like the transitions that take place in adolescence—a lot is changing in the world. And it’s changing at a rapid pace. Some of it is awkward and uncomfortable, he admitted, while offering that “it’s better to tackle it head on.”


Dylan Hendricks
Program Director, Ten-Year Forecast, Institute for the Future

As director of the Ten-Year Forecast program at the Institute for the Future, Dylan pursues new ways to synthesize and communicate the trends and paradigms that are transforming the fabric of 21st century life. His interest in media revolves around a belief that good storytelling is the most essential tool for advancing society. To that end, he had been riding the crest of innovation that has disrupted the media landscape. Along the way, Dylan has produced significant media pieces for industry-leading companies and national governments, and helped innovative nonprofits tell their story better through video and animation.

Download Dylan Hendricks’s presentation (PDF)


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