Gensler’s Board of Directors

Top (L-R): Diane Hoskins (Chair), Joseph Brancato (Vice Chair), Robin Klehr Avia, Andy Cohen, Rocco Gianetti Middle: Jordan Goldstein, Robert Jernigan, Xiaomei Lee, Colin O’Brien Bottom: Janet Pogue McLaurin, Raymond Shick, Julia Simet, Cindy Simpson, Daniel W. Winey

Thanks to five decades of client-centered design innovation, the Gensler team today literally spans the globe, with offices in major cities on five continents. Our Board of Directors bridges geographic and cultural differences so that our one-firm firm can run 24/7 and leverage the full depth and breadth of our worldwide team. Directors rotate on and off the board, which allows for a constant diversity of viewpoints, engaging practice and the next generation of leaders. Focused on policymaking and oversight, the Board provides the accountability and transparency expected by a 100-percent employee-owned firm. Board Chair Diane Hoskins and Vice Chair Joe Brancato work with six committees and their advisors to address ongoing oversight issues like governance and compliance, and future-focused policy concerns like design innovation, global delivery, and talent development.