Culture & Museums

From museums, to theaters, to community-based centers, we create purposeful, elevated experiences that welcome, educate, and entertain diverse audiences and resonate with museum and cultural institution clients, donors, staff, and stakeholders.
The best museum design integrates a variety of experiences to meet visitors’ changing expectations and ensure all community members feel like they belong.
—Michael Volk, Culture & Museums leader

Cultural destinations will continue to be essential community infrastructure.

Libraries and museums are adapting to new roles, partnering with like-minded organizations, and providing fundamental community functions rather than serving as ancillary spaces. Community asset mapping and strategic planning will help these institutions integrate within their communities to become more accessible, equitable community hubs.


Creating more equitable and accessible experiences will become table stakes for both staff and visitors.

For mission-driven institutions, creating more equitable and accessible museum experiences for people with different interests, backgrounds, and abilities is paramount. Institutions should focus on visitors, as well as staff, by providing a range of choices, more transparency between front and back of house, and breaking down hierarchies to create more equitable environments.


A diverse mix of analog and immersive experiences will help reach new audiences.

To grow new audiences, cultural institutions should provide a range of experiences in their spaces — from analog to ambient immersive experiences using hands-free technologies and one-of-a-kind designs — rather than pushing visitors to hardware such as VR headsets. This offers diverse audiences more choices and different entry points and levels of engagement.

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