Industrial & Logistics

We design the places where things are made and supplied to the world. We help our clients implement innovative and effective solutions with a cross-functional approach that harnesses sustainable strategies, human experience, and digital design.
The future of the industrial and logistics sector will be shaped by facilities designed as integrated physical and virtual worlds.
—Jon Siani, Industrial & Logistics leader

Automation, robotics, and machine learning drive new virtual and physical designs.

Technological advancements are accelerating the rise of smart facilities that require designers to consider both virtual and physical environments from the inception of a project. As digital transformation advances, more connected, predictive, flexible, and responsive processes and facilities will emerge, fueled by machine learning.


Shifting worker expectations spur user experience-based factory design.

As machines and automation occupy dangerous and monotonous tasks, factory workers’ skill sets are changing to focus on creative problem-solving. Combined with a focus on employee health and well-being and increased pressure to retain and attract talent, workers require healthy spaces that consider access to light, nature, better air quality, and comfortable ergonomics, as well as added programmatic amenities like break rooms, catering and kitchen services, and fitness centers.


Cost-effective sustainable solutions will require a new set of tools and processes.

Governments, consumers, and investors are demanding more sustainable solutions while remaining cost competitive. Implementing innovative sustainable practices such as on-site power generation, electrified fleet vehicles, low-carbon materials, and smart building controls can significantly reduce the carbon impact of industrial and logistics facilities in their communities. Sustainability goals can be baked into projects at the conception if the right partnerships and expertise are formed from the outset.

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Design Forecast 2024
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