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Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The Inovus project in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, is set to become a catalyst for regional innovation and progress. As the first project in Mexico to integrate hospitality into an industrial setting, Inovus emphasizes the dignification of truck drivers, ensuring a significant social impact. Strategically located near Reynosa International Airport and the city center, Inovus aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem prioritizing environmental and social well-being. The industrial project’s master plan includes energy-efficient systems, water conservation, and renewable energy.

Spanning 291.7 hectares, the project will transform agricultural land into industrial and commercial spaces through collaboration with municipal authorities. Key features include the transformation of an existing water channel into a central landscape element, rest areas, and commercial activities. The industrial and logistics park will complement these spaces, ensuring functionality and sustainability.

The Reynosa project integrates local materials and native flora in outdoor spaces that prioritize pedestrian comfort and safety for truck drivers through well-planned sidewalks and access ramps. Inovus implements waste reduction and circular economy strategies, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals to enhance community connectivity and quality of life. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, Inovus aims to position Reynosa as a hub for industrial growth and environmental stewardship.