Office Developers

As the role of the office is redefined, we help clients develop properties to create innovative, people-centered destinations that build community, attract talent, and promote well-being and sustainability.
Block 16 rooftop deck rendering.
Block 16, Austin
The real market differentiator is a new kind of office that allows tenants to sit, stand, and work while moving through sheltered, tempered outdoor space — all while feeling healthier and more connected to their community.
—Darrel Fullbright, Office Developers leader

Tomorrow’s office building will prioritize cooperation with social spaces, outdoor access, and other amenities that bring people together.

Companies are increasingly focused on shared experiences at the office, so developers should double down on design strategies that bring people and neighborhoods together, such as cafes, working lobbies, and outdoor space between buildings.


Buildings that can flex for alternative uses will have better long-term value.

To expand a building’s lifespan and long-term use, new buildings must be flexible enough to be customized, but not so specific that they become obsolete. To increase a building’s value, developers should build in flexibility for alternate uses, such as a floor plate that could work for labs, medical suites, or classrooms.


The trend toward open, inviting ground floors will continue as tenants double down on community engagement.

Developers have an opportunity to reimagine the ground floor of cities by reinventing sidewalk-facing storefronts as multiuse destinations that serve the community. These multipurpose spaces can increase a building’s value and help developers frame their projects as ESG investments.

Over 80% of respondents consider ESG elements when making operational or investment decisions. Most said “it is the right thing to do.”
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