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Hatsudai Center Building

Tokyo, Japan



Gensler designed the common spaces and part of the exterior for the renovation of the Hatsudai Center Building, a nine-story office building. To meet the needs of existing tenants and attract new ones, the design team focused on enhancing user comfort and improving the work environment.

Inspired by the theme of “relax, focus, and converse,” the first floor lobby lounge is furnished with high counters and work tables, as well as calling booths. By removing existing blinds and incorporating a lighter interior color scheme, the productive workspace feels more spacious, comfortable, and accommodating for various working styles. The coffee stand by the entrance is enhanced with colorful wall art that captivates passersby and symbolizes the entrepreneurship happening inside the building. The graphics and signage dotting the first floor feature an overarching rounded design that is inspired by the curved structure of the building itself.