Senior Living

From retirement communities to multigenerational urban high rises, we combine hospitality, residential, and mixed-use expertise to design memorable experiences and living spaces that offer more choice for active older adults.
Taihu International Health Town Master Plan, Zhejiang, China
To make the most of this longer 100-year life, we must reconsider how we approach designing spaces and experiences, not only for senior living but across all industries, from workplace and education to hospitality and residential.
—Tama Duffy Day, Senior Living leader

Eliminating ageism would improve health and generate billions in our global economy.

We need to rewrite the story of aging in our cities, institutions, and workplaces. Optimizing our world for all stages of what will become a vibrant 100-year life with principles of physical, mental, and social wellness would unlock vast benefits for intergenerational communities.


Adaptive reuse will increase access to affordable, amenity-rich senior living options in the city.

Most senior living communities are located outside the city due to the outsized costs of urban real estate. By adapting existing buildings in central business districts, the industry could lower costs and increase speed to market, enabling seniors to enjoy vibrant communities with amenities like restaurants, shops, and cultural venues.


Labor gaps are compelling the industry to provide supportive social services like housing.

Past industry hiring incentives have not been enough to keep retirement communities and supportive facilities staffed. Offering housing centered on wellness and other assistance like transportation and training will help recruit qualified workers — especially in suburban and rural settings.

Age discrimination leads to enormous economic losses in the United States. In coming decades, failing to support the 50-plus demographic will grow to $3.9 trillion annually.
AARP and the Economist Intelligence Unit
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