Professional Services

We partner with professional services firms to transform offices into inspiring magnets for professionals and clients. We help management advisory and legal firms implement immersive, tailored workplace experiences that promote flexibility, productivity, shared purpose, and collaboration.
Workplaces designed to support well-being, equity, and meaningful amenities will make the office a compelling place to work for attorneys and staff.
—Timothy Bromiley, Professional Services leader

For professional services firms, experience and amenities can draw workers to the office.

Professional services firms are investing in expanded amenities with unique, fulfilling experiences to entice workers, particularly younger generations, to come into the office. These client- and employee-facing spaces, such as gyms, libraries, cafes, and restaurants, act as the cultural hub of the space and with places for connection and learning.


For law firms, the office will continue to be a valuable tool for focus work.

While some law firms are shrinking the size of enclosed private spaces, the office remains a valued tool for highly concentrated focus work. Some firms are introducing “cockpit offices,” which are smaller, quieter, and efficient work settings for just one person. Separating quiet zones from highly experiential zones will be key.


The war for talent will continue to drive sustainability and equity in the legal workplace.

To appeal to shared values of employees, prospective talent, and clients with ESG goals, some law firms are creating more inclusive, nonhierarchical interiors. Rather than corner offices, they’re creating diverse experiences that allow workers to choose the types of spaces that best support them, regardless of their rank or tenure.


Management advisory firms have an opportunity to connect real estate to carbon goals.

While most management advisory firms have made carbon commitments, many haven’t made a connection between their carbon goals and office design. These firms have an opportunity to connect their real estate teams to develop project-specific guidelines and standards for their fit-outs to be carbon neutral.

Our professional workforces are increasingly diverse. The percentage of summer associates who are people of color in major U.S. law firms increased by nearly 5% in 2021 to 41.34%.
National Association for Law Placement
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