A large wooden staircase with open levels and a seating area at Accenture Chicago The entrance reception area at Accenture Chicago with environmental graphic design A sliding dividing wall in front of a lobby lounge space at Accenture Chicago A group of people in a cafe amenity space at Accenture Chicago A group of people in a modern showcase space A group of people sitting in a room with colorful furniture and a slanted white ceiling A group of people sitting at a conference table in a room with a large screen and digital ceiling at Accenture Chicago A wooden hallway and perforated metal wall at Accenture Chicago A person sitting on a couch in front of a wall with a mural
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Accenture Chicago Headquarters

Chicago, Illinois

One of the most successful consulting organizations in the world, Accenture undertook a major global initiative to roll out a new workplace model to redefine the future of work. At the epicenter of this evolution is the Chicago Innovation Hub at Accenture Tower, an iconic building and transportation hub in the heart of the city.

Inspired by a 360-degree work experience, the design is meant to be intuitively navigable but open to evolution over time, responding to what came before and adapting to what Accenture’s dreamers and makers create next. Following the journey from the 20th floor up through the 26th, employees and visitors are guided on a path that begins with making, highlighting immersion rooms, labs, production spaces, and classrooms. Following this, the output is displayed through storytelling spaces and demo environments that showcase the process and product. Finally, the client-facing top floors highlight ideation, connection, and collaboration, with meeting spaces to support co-creation, opportunities for nourishment, and co-working options.