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Gensler Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Gensler Atlanta’s new office seeks to be a beacon in the dark; a cure to remedy the collective isolation that so many creative workforces experience today. Our in-house design team took the opportunity to create a modern workspace that ignites inspiration and serves as a home that empowers us all to experiment and pilot new ideas.

Taking nods from the flexibility of remote work, the new Atlanta office provides workers with choice — from quiet settings to support focus work to energetic environments for group collaboration, accented with a wide range of furniture selections that can accommodate various postures. This variety of options, paired with an intuitive wayfinding and identity system, helps foster something more familiar and more human.

The result is a forward-looking, hospitality-infused space that celebrates the culture of Atlanta and the future of our firm in a long-awaited creative nest that reflects the preferences and creative ethos of our people.