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Cambridge, Massachusetts

DivcoWest’s hospitality-driven hybrid workplace and marketing suite in Cambridge solidifies the San Francisco-based real estate firm’s presence in the Greater Boston area. Situated at the core of the evolving Cambridge Crossing district, the office is ideally poised to draw visual connections from its new marketing suite to the amenity-rich main street outside.

Intended to serve as both an engaging and collaborative hybrid workplace and client-facing marketing suite, the project focuses on balancing a hospitable atmosphere while also supporting a range of daily work functions. A welcoming environment greets visitors with a biophilic green wall, espresso bar, and local art. DivcoWest’s marketing suite serves as a versatile platform for events, seamlessly connecting with a meeting room. The new workplace features a blend of workstations, focus spaces such as phone rooms, and collaborative areas. Flooded with natural daylight and incorporating greenery throughout, the space provides a variety of settings that offer moments of respite at the office, including wellness-focused workplace settings, such as an integrated lounge, wellness room, and secluded booths.