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Waltham, Massachusetts

ElevateBio, a pioneer in life-saving therapies, has recently expanded with a new office and lab at 225 Wyman in Waltham’s thriving life-sciences ecosystem. The client’s goal was to create an optimized, flexible, and forward-thinking workspace that supports its people, mission, and continued organizational growth.

The new space showcases its commitment and expertise in science both internally and externally, allowing the company to celebrate its culture of innovation and engage with partners and investors. Visibility is maximized throughout the space, with oversized windows creating a strong connection between the lab and office areas, highlighting ElevateBio’s cutting-edge work. Flexibility and scalability were crucial design drivers, enabling the workspace to accommodate future growth and adapt to evolving processes and technologies. Strategically-scaled workplace neighborhoods, located adjacent to labs, foster cross-pollination of ideas and are supported by seamless plug-and-play technology tools and content-sharing capabilities.

In addition to supporting growth, the new science workplace prioritizes a people-centric and functional hospitality approach. The amenity spaces are designed to inspire passion and create a culture centered around a common purpose. A central café space, located next to a landscaped courtyard, provides a connection to the outdoors. Various seating options and large-scale displays facilitate collaboration and connectivity across multiple company sites.