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Dispatch Biotherapeutics

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dispatch Biotherapeutics’ new headquarters encompasses nearly 60,000 square feet of research laboratory and office space across two floors, creating a destination where science and healthcare meet to reimagine cancer therapy. The headquarters is strategically located in Philadelphia, where cell and gene therapy research originated more than two decades ago and continues to rapidly grow. Connecting to the biological sources of Dispatch Bio’s therapies, the design is inspired by the beauty of microbes, cells, and petri dishes that represent hope for a cure, while reflecting the tension between nature and technology, artificial and organic.

Windows reaching nine feet are a key element of the design, providing a view into the labs placed along interior corridors to enhance visibility and connectivity between teams. The new space increases pride in the biotherapeutic company’s work by putting science on display for all workers to experience and piquing curiosity by offering glimpses into the research underway. The science workspace features rich, calming hues and casual yet functional lounge furniture, and invites workers to flow between collaborative and heads-down work zones throughout the day.