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3151 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In seeking to create a hub for life sciences in Philadelphia, Gensler designed a new, eco-friendly building that will allow future tenants to innovate and thrive. The life sciences building is envisioned as a gateway from University City to Brandywine’s Schuylkill Yards development, a new live/work/play neighborhood just west of 30th Street Station. Situated at the convergence of two diagonal pedestrian pathways connecting adjacent universities, open space extends up the building facade and onto terraces and porches, which pay homage to the vernacular style of West Philadelphia’s homes. The porches on alternating floors create stacked indoor/outdoor spaces that provide access to fresh air and emphasize the health and wellness attributes of the building. Tenant spaces provide a robust platform for creativity and innovation, with each floor offering attractive, light-filled space for potential research and development use.