The facade of 1229 W Concord at Lincoln Yards with a split siding and large entrance staircase The side of 1229 W Concord as seen from the river with Chicago in the background 1229 W Concord at Lincoln Yards with a contrasting brick building A person overlooking the city of Chicago at 1229 W Concord A room with a large white ceiling and a group of people sitting on a couch. A sitting area and a large spiral staircase at 1229 W Concord A person on a balcony at 1229 W Concord A person walking in a hallway in an elevator lobby at 1229 W Concord A person sitting on a chair in a reception area at 1229 W Concord
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1229 W Concord Place

Chicago, Illinois

Renowned for its work in revitalizing underutilized neighborhoods in Chicago, Sterling Bay is reimagining over 55 acres of land along the north branch of the Chicago River with an ambitious new neighborhood called Lincoln Yards. This vibrant development is filled with a pedestrian-oriented entertainment district, outdoor activities, residential spaces, boutique offices, and tech facilities.

As part of Sterling Bay’s effort to build up the life sciences community in Chicago, 1229 W Concord plays a crucial role in the critical first phase of establishing the heart of Lincoln Yards. This pioneering life sciences development project is setting a new precedent for the future of the tech industry by combining science and hospitality for the first time. Designed during the pandemic, the focus on light, air, and openness drives the design from the outside in, promoting the essence of life sciences.