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Monterrey, Mexico

The Lyra, a master plan for a sustainable community in the Cumbres area of Monterrey, aims to redefine an urban development and create positive environmental impact and social value. The project promotes a new urbanization scheme focusing on three social impact pillars: pedestrian interaction throughout the space, the intensive incorporation of the landscape, and an inclusive design for diverse social groups. Lyra fosters the integration of a diverse community, enriching life in shared spaces.

The master plan of Lyra maintains a vast area of green spaces, striving to preserve local ecosystem components and a connection to nature for residents. Of its 20.4 hectares, 9 are dedicated to green areas, featuring parks, contemplation zones, and green corridors. This close relationship with the environment allows for mitigating impacts on the area's water balance through infiltration and the use of local and adaptable species.

The Lyra master plan includes wastewater treatment facilities, enabling reuse for irrigation with a capacity of 6.60 liters per second. The project also incorporates clean energy generation through photovoltaic energy and a cogeneration plant, contributing up to 2.5 megawatts to the electrical grid. Additionally, it will feature a comprehensive District Cooling service, enhancing energy efficiency by providing 3,661 tons of refrigeration.

All common, commercial, and residential areas are designed to support people with physical disabilities, following the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The project promotes pedestrian use through a connected system of sidewalks, plazas, pathways, and infrastructure. The community master plan’s mobility proposal also features cyclist infrastructure and adding public transport connections.