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Yulin Grand Theatre

Yulin, China

Yulin Grand Theatre is a 41,500-square-meter cultural destination with art galleries, shopping centers, hotel, and residential spaces. The design, rooted in the concept of a ‘culture valley,’ explores the relationship between art and culture as a generator of creativity, education, economic development, and tourism.

Gensler's design was driven by the desire to expose the activity within Yulin Grand Theatre and enliven the street. The plan of the building, from how people move within it to where the each component is placed, is organized around the goal of revealing the creativity within. Ample connections between the arts square and the commercial zones symbolize a harmonious and successful fusion of culture and commerce.

The Yulin Grand Theatre’s striking hexagon-shaped master plan makes a big impact, both visually and civically. Inspired by the natural topography of northwest China, a cascading sequence of textured stone results in a zig-zag exterior, a reference to the surrounding terraced fields. This use of stone pays homage to Yulin’s famous Red Stone Gorge, which is constrasted with metal to create a visual spectacle that leaves a lasting impression. A landscaped sunken plaza that connects the theater and commercial center offers a place for gathering and community. Other performance spaces include an opera house, event spaces, and a multifunctional theater. With convenient transport links, Yulin Grand Theatre Center is a multi-functional facility, critical for neighborhood revitalization.