Wolf Trap tent structure Wolf Trap tent structure Wolf Trap tent structure Wolf Tra tent structure in the evening with tables and chairs
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Wolf Trap Pavilions

Vienna, Virginia

Just before the 50th anniversary of Wolf Trap’s Filene Center, Gensler was tasked with reimagining the facilities in and around the historic concert venue to modernize and enhance the audience experience. As part of this project, Gensler embraced the challenge to find opportunities to improve and augment the existing infrastructure as opposed to ground-up development. After conducting audience satisfaction surveys and internal visioning sessions, Gensler identified creative solutions for modernizing and expanding the food and beverage service capabilities, restroom facilities, the open-air lounge, and concession areas, as well as design enhancements to improve the overall accessibility of the Filene Center. As a result, Wolf Trap continues to maintain its competitive edge in attracting top talent and engaged performing arts audiences, offering an unmatched entertainment experience from the moment fans arrive on-site all the way through the encore.