A room with a wood floor and a wood door with a view of the ocean. A woman standing in a room with a man sitting at a table. A woman standing next to a man sitting on a couch. A room with a red wall. A couple of people sitting at a table in a large office. A man and a woman in a kitchen. A staircase in a building. A group of wooden benches.
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Dallas Opera Center for Performing Arts

Dallas, Texas

Looking to create a space that would support its philanthropic and fundraising efforts while successfully communicating its rich history, the Dallas Opera enlisted Gensler to design a newly branded lobby and reception area featuring an Endowment Wall that would honor its donor community in a unique and modern way. Inspired by the idea of the crescendo, the Endowment Wall features donors’ names engraved onto individual wood blocks and grouped together to evoke a collection of voices extending out into the space. Solid Claro walnut was carefully selected for its stunning natural variation resulting in a truly unique recognition for each donor.