Holcomb Family YMCA exterior aerial view Holcomb Family YMCA exterior street level view Holcomb Family YMCA outdoor fitness area and green picnic area Holcomb Family YMCA outdoor fitness area Holcomb Family YMCA outdoor fitness area People working out in Holcomb Family YMCA outdoor fitness area 2 boys playing basketball in Holcomb Family YMCA indoor-outdoor basketball court Boy playing soccer on Holcomb Family YMCA outdoor soccer field
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Holcomb Family YMCA

Spring, Texas

As a community-serving facility that was reconceptualized and designed during the pandemic, the Holcomb Family YMCA is unlike any other of its kind. Envisioned as an inclusive destination where people can find hope, fellowship, and healing, the facility’s innovative design provides members with resources and opportunities that prioritize health, wellness, and a connected community.

Gensler reimagined the design of the Holcomb Family YMCA from a traditional building to a facility with flexible indoor-outdoor spaces where members can create meaningful connections and safely gather and exercise. Leveraging repurposed shipping containers, the resulting design creates a natural slope, with an amphitheater-like quality that allows spectators to socialize and enjoy views of the 12,000-square-foot outdoor pavilion. Additionally, the Holcomb Family YMCA features an outdoor fitness center with space for group exercise and a large multi-purpose sports field.