Lijia Smart Hall aerial night view. Lijia Smart Hall aerial view from directly above. Lijia Smart Hall view from across the waters. Lijia Smart Hall exterior close-up. Lijia Smart Hall interior walkway. Lijia Smart Hall interior with ceiling installation. Lijia Smart Hall convention hall with audience seating.
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Lijia Smart Hall

Chongqing, China

Located in Chongqing Lijia Intelligent Park, the Lijia Smart Hall is the central stage for the annual Smart China Expo, a trade event promoting the exchange of smart technologies and smart industry. The iconic design of the presentation hall is inspired by the ambiance of the city’s hilly landscape, fog, and rivers, with a structure that is characterized by an organic and fluid style that coexists harmoniously with its surroundings. This architectural style is driven by the Y-Bar design system, a flexible design system that provides a unified aesthetic and gracefully elevates the large volume program. Building design parts are automated using a customized parametric algorithm to modify a geometrically complex architectural form in a highly efficient and accurate manner.

The project uses sustainable UHPC for its facade cladding, achieving a rustic white sculptural quality. This minimizes heat gain from solar radiation and reduces energy demand in summer. Skylights and a high degree of glazing ratio create a spatial experience that is visually connected to the natural environment. Viewed from a distance, the Lijia Smart Hall looks like a cloud on the lakeshore — and the lake is aptly named Baiyun, which means “white cloud” in Chinese.