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Boston Center for the Arts:
Brand Design

Boston, Massachusetts

Gensler partnered with the Boston Center for the Arts to reinvent its brand as a vibrant arts incubator. The new positioning reflects the spirit of Boston’s thriving arts scene while expanding BCA’s presence beyond its South End campus to place it at the heart of the city’s rich contemporary arts community. Catalyzing this transformation, a refocused brand positioning was master-planned to include a confident new narrative and emboldened experience, drivers that allow BCA to expand its social and cultural impact across the city.

The bright palette and active character of the new identity work in tandem to attract attention, create optimism, and spur interaction. Re-energized and newly in-sync with the vibrant city it calls home, BCA is leading with impact, ingenuity, and clarity, serving as a bold and active incubator at the intersection of art and community.