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The Museum of Modern Art: Signage and Wayfinding Program

New York, New York

Coinciding with the highly anticipated 2019 expansion, MoMA commissioned Gensler to create a campus-wide signage, wayfinding, and donor recognition system. Drawing on input from visitor experience, curatorial, development, and creative teams at MoMA, Gensler and MoMA’s in-house design studio worked together to develop and install a system that adapts to diverse spatial and surface conditions while remaining assistive, accessible, and consistent from exterior to interior. Set in MoMA Sans typeface and following typographic and material guidelines developed by MoMA and Gensler teams, the understated signage design complements the artwork on display. From carefully planned typographic hierarchies across the complex lobby space, to the outdoor spaces of MoMA’s iconic sculpture garden, to detailing for ADA and in-gallery signage, the signage program elegantly threads throughout the campus.