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Gensler Boston celebrates 21 years of amazing partnerships

In 1993 Gensler New York partnered with an established but growing Boston law firm to explore relocating its offices. Ultimately, the law firm chose to stay in its existing space, but Gensler opened a Boston office to collaborate on the firm’s workplace redesign.

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Twenty-one years later, Gensler gathered its extended Boston network in the offices it recently redesigned for that law firm (featured below). The event celebrated the many clients and friends who've contributed to Gensler’s local success over the years.

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Gensler’s recent collaboration with the firm began with an evaluation to relocate or stay within the offices we originally redesigned. Deciding to remain in its existing space, the firm undertook a full renovation of its 12 downtown floors.

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From visioning to construction administration, Gensler created an environment that reflects the law firm’s mission and values. The design incorporates the latest in legal workplace trends, with flexible space for focused and collaborative work.