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How can we plan for disassembly as part of the design process to achieve more sustainable outcomes?

Research Project Name

Designing for Disassembly

What We Did

We researched how the process of disassembly — the dismantling or undoing of space before a new space is built — could be implemented at scale to support industry demands and a more sustainable design strategy. Too often after a tenant vacates a space, most construction materials are sent to the landfill. To address this problem, we interviewed developers and manufacturers, engaged city leaders, and collaborated with Gensler product development teams to discuss new approaches to disassembly. We then prototyped multiple generations of flexible, disassembly-ready floor plans. We forecasted the savings, quantifying the benefits to budget, schedule, and reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional methodologies.

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Anne Bretana, Emily Yeh, Stacey Olson, Stephanie West, Cullen Coker, Abigail Ganih

Year Completed