How can we address sea level rise and major storm threats in vulnerable cities?

Research Project Name

Urban Strategies for Coastal Resilience

What We Did

We partnered with the Florida International University School of Architecture in teaching a thesis class focused on researching coastal climate challenges in major cities across the country and developed a framework for local partnerships to scale the development of responsive design strategies. With students in FIU master’s program, we identified current risks and projected vulnerabilities due to sea level rise and climate events in Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston, Boston, San Francisco, Tampa, London, and Miami. This investigation was done in collaboration with multiple Gensler offices, leveraging our local presence in these cities. The students then focused on Miami and developed strategies on how to address these challenges at the regional, city, and neighborhood levels through the lens of the development codes.

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Gensler: Ana Benatuil, Corina Benatuil, Corina Ocanto, Carlos Valera; Gensler Collaborators: Florida International University Professor and Associate Dean Marilys R. Nepomechie, FAIA, DPACSA, NCARB; Students: Yailyn Barrera, Jose Diaz-Rivera, Vanessa Estevez, Verlan Eugene, Mylene Feng, Nicole Franzese, Marcela Gavilanez, Cristina Gomez, Stevenson Jean, Kaitie Fuson, Celine Mazhar, Marie Mondiere, Esther Triana, Valeria Zavatti

Year Completed