Graphical user interface, website. A person holding a bottle. A man holding a bottle of water. Graphical user interface, website. Graphical user interface. Graphical user interface, website. A group of people hiking up a snowy mountain. Graphical user interface, text, application. Graphical user interface.
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Ambrose Monell/G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation

Two closely related foundations—one supporting scientific, cultural, educational and other charitable initiatives; the other striving for a clearer understanding of the earth and its relation to the universe—sought cohesive, yet distinct identities for their online presence. In response, Gensler redesigned and enhanced the two nonprofits’ public-facing image and overall identity through logos and a unified website——that links to each organization’s respective pages. While complementary, the two identities are differentiated by their color palette and imagery. The result is a fresh, inspirational platform that additionally streamlines the grant application process.