A room with a large glass wall and a white counter with a white tile floor and a white. A wall with a poster on it. A large white wall with many boxes and boxes on it. A group of women on a stage. A group of people in a room. A group of people sitting at tables. A large room with tables and chairs. A modern looking building with a staircase. A couple of people sitting at a table with chairs and a red and white wall with a red. A couple of women sitting at a table in a room with green walls. A glass walled office with a glass door and a table and chairs. A hallway with green walls. Background pattern.
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Florham Park, New Jersey

For its North American regional headquarters, chemical company BASF engaged Gensler to design a progressive and sustainable workplace environment that reflects their vision, brand and culture. To encourage employee communication and collaboration, 90 percent of the workspace is composed of open-space “neighborhoods,” and a learning and development center accommodates lectures and town hall meetings. The company’s products, messages and images are woven throughout the space, including an interactive showcase highlighting BASF innovations. Furthering a commitment to sustainability, energy-conserving strategies were employed, including daylight harvesting and an employee-controlled air distribution system. With dual LEED® certifications, the headquarters is one of the greenest buildings in New Jersey.