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Tokyo, Japan



Booking.com™ is the world leader in booking accommodations online – the company’s website and apps attract visitors from both the leisure and business sectors worldwide. Gensler designed Booking.com’s Customer Service office in Tokyo. It's one of the company’s many offices where dedicated assistance and advocacy is provided to the company’s guests and accommodation partners from all around the world. Gensler’s design team used the Yamanote line as the inspiration for the main concept in this office space. Yamanote is one of Tokyo’s busiest and most important railway loop connecting the city.  Using the different stations on this railway line, the team associated key spaces within the office to key locations. As an example, reception is based on the Tokyo station area, which serves as the main entrance to the city. Other key spaces within the office, such as the meeting rooms, the cafe and breakout area follow the same theme using stations like Shibuya, Akihabara & Ueno, etc., as design inspiration. While the office design follows Booking.com’s office space guidelines, it is also strongly influenced by the characteristics of these popular stations in Tokyo.