A large brick wall with a staircase. A wooden board with writing on it. A room with tables and chairs. A person walking in a building. Text, surface chart. Text. Shape. A wall with many colorful objects on it. A close-up of a tube. A group of people sitting at a table with laptops. Text. A white and red building. A room with a large screen and a person sitting at a desk. A building with a grass lawn.
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University of Kansas – Capitol Federal Hall, School of Business: Brand Design

Lawrence, Kansas

To present a public face for the University of Kansas' new business school as one that is friendlier than most, Gensler implemented new branding that emphasizes approachability. That concept is supported throughout the building by a combination of high-touch, interactive experiences and engaging materials. A donor wall features dimensional panels in a variety of warm woods while drawing visitors’ eyes toward an adjacent atrium. A “slider” wall gives students an opportunity to customize individual colored modules, providing a unique canvas for messaging, social interaction and one-of-a-kind works of art. The timelessness of business and accounting is acknowledged through a life-size, functioning abacus.