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Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion
at Los Angeles Union Station

Los Angeles, California

The Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion is designed to connect local metro riders to the multi-modal options at the Los Angeles Union Station, part of an overall master plan to accommodate increased ridership, relieve traffic congestion, and improve the passenger experience for 6,000 daily commuters that embark on several local lines. The transformative project, located on a greenfield site that was a remnant space from the Union Station Gateway building project and parking garage development in the 90s, aims to better connect riders with access to opportunities and provide a safe, enjoyable waiting area.

The transit pavilion has net positive energy generation as the result of low energy and material consumption through the integration of LED light fixtures and modular photovoltaic glass and the use of durable materials like stainless steel and pre-cast concrete to extend the lifespan of the pavilion’s structures. Pre-cast seating is angled to view arriving buses in a well-lit and visually connected waiting environment. Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion embodies Los Angeles Metro’s commitment to collaborating with partners, listening to its ridership, and making impactful community improvements to provide a world-class transportation system that enhances the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the city.