A store with a glass table. A store front with a mannequin in the window. A purse and a purse. A door with a drawing on it. A room with mannequins and a couch. A room with chairs and a table. A mannequin in a black dress in front of a whiteboard. A room with a wall of plates.
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Christian Dior Temporary Store

New York, New York

During the renovation of its flagship 57th Street store, Christian Dior sought a temporary, 6,000-square-foot space nearby to maintain its presence and connection to customers during construction. After researching Dior salons and ateliers of the past, Gensler’s design team incorporated rich images from the retailer’s archives to complete a scheme that gives a nod to the past but is contemporary in execution. Artist Ann Field created illustrations in the manner of Christian Dior himself that were then applied to various surfaces throughout the store, creating the feeling of custom architecture.