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Gensler Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico

Gensler Mexico City Office: A Model Workplace

Gensler’s gMex office in Mexico City epitomizes workplace transformation, blending Mexican culture with innovative design. Located in front of Bosque de Chapultepec, it embodies the energetic “Mex I Can Vibe,” reflecting a decade of local design excellence.

The office welcomes visitors with a café-style lobby, fostering connection and dialogue. Authentic Mexican materials like ‘recinto’ stone and terracotta infuse energy throughout. Versatile spaces, from quiet zones to dynamic collaboration areas, support diverse work modes.

The cafeteria, resembling a residential kitchen, encourages informal gatherings. Sustainability and wellness are prioritized, with features promoting a holistic experience.

Reflecting Gensler’s global and local narratives, gMex fosters a sense of belonging, it embodies creativity and community, driving innovation and the Mex I Can Vibe.